Guido Carrillo

Guido Carrillo


We now know it rhymes with Rio so how about a Duran Duran inspired chant?

His name is Ghee-o we can say his name just fine,

Ghee-o Careejzho he’s Southampton’s number nine.

He came from Monaco and wears the red and white.

He’s Argentinian and he knows Pompey are shite.

He signed in January got here just in time.

Ghee-o Careejzho he’s Southampton’s number nine.


Is it Friday night already?


I think the Goat needs to join BTflipflops in Comedy school


I think this goes against our fans general preference for mispronouncing names - you really can’t expect them to do anything other than pronounce someone’s name as it’s spelt (and even that’s a struggle). Some of the ones I’ve heard include Fontay, Hodge-berg, Romeo, Foster, Pellay, Hoat, Taggart, Van Dick (apt).

So only something to the tune of Amarillo will do, but thanks for trying.


I love it but there are far too many words for the vast majority of Northam stand fans to remember. Albeit it has got “we 'ate Pompey, we 'ate Pompey” connotations.

You’re on to something though.

Have to say, I experienced the Lemons song for the first time ever at WBA. I found myself pogo-ing for a good 10 mins as it was repeated again and again. Felt like a teenager again (not like you think). This is nearly there ?