Groups in the New Forum

Groups in the New Forum


I found the summary in my junk mail folder - seems Gmail called it right.



I’m not a fan of the group idea either, so glad you’ve listened to the people @saintbletch well done :cool:

Saying that, if there’s a group set up in future for members who no longer make much of a contribution as they’re bored of football these days, please feel free to add me into it :lou_surprised:


I’m just telling everyone I’m not going to implement groups.

Once we’re over there, it’ll be a different story.

I’m going to put them each in their own group so they have to talk to themselves and only themselves all day long.



I’ve been away, so haven’t had much time to get into this discussion.

While I’m not a fan of limiting discussions to particular groups, or group forums, I do think the functionality has potential in a couple of key areas.

PMs would benefit from being able to send to groups. It’s a total pain in the arse at the moment so most people end up going via Twitter or slack or whatever. It’s a serious functionality hole in the current system. We do have groups of logically related people, be it the London lot looking for a pub to watch a game in, away travellers, friends and family ticket reasons, all that sort of caper. It happens anyway, it just happens externally because Sotonians can’t do it.

The other reason, is of course, humour, especially if group designations turn up on your profile.


Can we point and laugh at those billy fuck all mates who are not welcome in any group?

I am weeping like a girl already…


Spot on, papster.

The new PM system is actually like a mini thread or more like a proper email in that you can have as many recipients as you want.

You start it with a title (just like an email or a thread) and then add recipients individually to the PM.

BUT, add the ability to target whole groups of people on top of that and you have a way to keep the sort of discussions you mention above, within only interested parties.


Can I have a ‘Too Sick for Public Consumption Group’?

If so I’m in.


Man flu?


No, he’s still where I left him.


I’ve had some of those PMs, @goatboy .

I’m out.


I know. That’s why I send you the gay stuff.


Get a room you two