Groups in the New Forum

Groups in the New Forum


Feck off


Is there a poor door option?


There is… it is mental. Like the first Mitsubishi you ever had just with an angry midget demanding you meet him for a drink as he is less of a cunt online. Don’t worry Fatso, we will have closed groups with pics of fried/Scottish food.


Fuck off. There, corrected that for you bletch. No charge. Good man.


Personally I’m not keen.

I think it will dilute general forum content. I think this place works well when there are a lot of regular contributors posting on multiple topics.


Surely this should be discussed on the new forum when we have all moved to it…

Remind me again @saintbletch when is that going to happen??


Already has, it’s a private group.

No you can’t join, so fuck off…

Welcome to the new :earth_americas:


The work is largely done @btripz , the problem is finding a couple of clear days when I can be behind my desk (sober) to do the switch and mop up any puddles that (will almost certainly) appear.

I’ve migrated the data as of a week ago so I need to just re-do any changes since then and we’re ready to go. As a geek, you might be interested to know that the full migration job takes around 8 hours to run so if I get anything wrong in the code, I have to wait 8 hours to find out.

The biggest issues I’ve had recently was to migrate our polls (votes by members on a certain topic) and also to create re-direct permalinks so that our search ranking with Google is maintained and any old indexed pages find the new ones we’ve created. Both tricky problems for a part-time hacker like me.

I have one more public test to do which I hope to do today (with the help of the membership) to ensure that you can use your current Sotonians passwords to claim your actual username and log in to the new system.

I’m away with work all next weekend and in London the following Saturday so unless you feel lucky (well do you punk?) then we’re going to have to wait a while longer.


On the more general issue of Groups, I think I’m hearing that we don’t like the idea of sealing off parts of the forum and creating cliques. That’s fair enough. Outside of admins, we won’t be segregating the membership posting.

But whilst I share the concerns, Groups really are more than that. Groups don’t have to exclude anyone, but they can if you want.

Imagine if the matchday drinking posting category had a Group linked to it that is free to anyone to become a member.#

If they sign up they will be added to the group PM thing (think groups chats in WhatsApp). It makes coordinating pubs and season-ticket-burning-protests would be much easier because if you PM the group, everyone would get the message. I shall add @tokyo-saint to it now so he knows the pub where @pap will be drinking.

Also, remember that one of the motivations for moving to Discourse is to drag our existing membership into posting more and pull in new posters. So Groups might make more sense if we have a larger more active posting community.

Anyway, we’ll move ahead as we are. Thanks for the feedback.


If we are gonna have groups then I wanna be in The Kaiser Chiefs.


I would not like to be in a group that would have the likes of me as a member.


I would prefer to be in All Saints.


You’ll probably have to go through Liam, even now.


Can I start a visible group that only I can post in?

Then I’ll mouth off about Brexit and bait @pap in starting angry threads to reply. Imagine how fun that will be for everyone. Right?


Is that to avoid answering difficult, if not impossible questions?

Like you do on the normal one?

Angler pap, reporting for duty! :lou_sunglasses:


I am very much in favour of specialist interest groups on the forum… in fact i think we should take it to its logical conclusion in that we create unique groups for a specific topic that will only appeal to those that have an specific interest in said topic and they create a unique thread on that topic that only those with an interest in willw want to post in / troll … oh… er…


What is this Email I recieved this morning from

Sotonians summary < ?


Anyone remember those halcyon days before GDPR when we all believed we would get less junk email?


Yep ditto.

Mine said I had not been on the forum since 3 June which (a) ain’t right and (b) someone is tracking this stuff??!


I’ve fucked up.



I restored from a backup that overwrote the disable email settings .