Groningen vs Saints friendly

Today, at 2:30pm.

Dunno if there’s a Saints stream yet, but here’s a video of Virgil. Groningen is where he started his professional career. Full squad apart from the Portuguese lads. I hope they come back fit.

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Here ya go … 1430 BST


JRod has a sickness bug.

I wish the fuckers would fucking well stop displaying the team line ups like this. Bunch of cunts.

How the fuck are you suppose to figure what the fuck the team is and who’s playing where FFS.

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Martina Yoshi VVD Targett

Claie Romeu JWP

Redmond Long Tadic

Forster up front in a 3-3-4-1 formation and no keeper?

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Eastleigh’s Matty Targett goes off injured after 5 mins.,

Targett off injured on 6 minutes…replaced by Steve McQueen.

Romeu picking up _all _of Vic’s game? :lou_sad:

The stadium’s rockin’…great atmosphere from a crowd of 15 or 16…

Didn’t the Saints website say tickets for away support were extremely limited? Guess they didn’t want us outnumbering the home support…

VVD holding the defence together, winning everything that comes his way.

Redmond, Long and Tadic barely getting a touch.

Besides Long’s disallowed goal have we actually touched the ball in their penalty area?

Groningen down to 10 men…second bookable offense.

Ref sent off a Groningen player for 2 yellows - in a preseason friendly.


Ref a bit over zealous sending the guy off. Pre season friendly give the team option of subbing him FFS.

Get Romeu off asap please!!

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The over lapping FB’s play should suit Cedric’s style.

All a bit tame so far.

shame they’re down to 10. You want a proper test in these games. I like the way cuco gets forward.

Stadium is called The Euroborg.

Sounds like a papism for the EU.