Great North Run 10th Sept 2023

I am running the Great North Run with my daughter on September 10th.

I secured the spot through ballot, and did and do not need to raise any money for a charity, but my motivation has always been in support of mental health and I always run in a MIND t-shirt, after suffering from depression in 2018/2019.

Even though I have been good ever since coming off the tablets, I still am very aware of how I self destructed and tried to destroy my marriage and family at the same time. I also think I had past depression that went undiagnosed.

if you can please sponsor me and give money to this great charity that I hold close to my heart and head.

I have only asked now, and I will only ask the once as I know that it is hard for a lot of people and do not want to bang on about giving to charity. I would also like to point out I do run, but I am not a natural runner, I find it very tough.

Kevin Sim is fundraising for Mind


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated to the above. I do not think I have met any of you on here, but I am always amazed by the generosity of fellow Saints fans and those that have been impacted in one way or another through mental health and the lack of resources for it.

We had a nice write up here in the local press in Carlisle, even though I would have preferred them to say father and daughter, rather than man and daughter.

I am as ready as I will ever be. Bit excited to be running with 60k others and in Mo’s last race. Should be a big crowd.

Thank you :blush:

What a day. Fantastic event and thanks to everyone who has donated.


Did you beat Mo Farar?

Tried but he ran away from me!

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