Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Detected


By the LIGO team in the US, link here

Now I know a lot of you are very meh about space stuff (and the money that is psent on it) but this is pretty groudbreaking and proves something theorsied by Einstein 100 years ago!

@Pap there isn’t a Science Category, can there be one??


APOD has a nice picture

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Spend more on it, I think space is a great way to excite children and get them into the sciences.


Space is where it is at!


Cheers for the link B. I am fascinated by ‘space’ related matters, and the study of existence in its many forms.

A wonderful discovery, which becomes effectively a new beginning point for further exploration. :lou_lol:


If it’s a wave, it can be replicated and manipulated.

When can I fly?


It’s a confirmation of general relativity,


Einstein called it more than 100 years ago

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First time its been measured


I sent out some gravitational waves from my black hole this morning.


Still I can’t do the maths


I dont know why they are looking for black holes out in space, there is one just down the M27.


Noooo, that’s a _shit_hole. :lou_wink_2:


This says otherwise


Always found genius like that hard to get my head around. By all accounts his theories were largely self contained- he simply thought them into existence! To think that his last theory is finally proven about one hundred years later is just phenomenal.

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Is this going to affect the £/$ exchange rate in the next 6 months…Eye needs two nose?


I don’t think you guys are taking this discovery seriously enough!

FTL travel anyone??

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