Gooner for a Day - Mid-week Games 13th-14th Dec

Kowman - Dead Man Walking Pt II

He’s shuffling the pack this evening…doesn’t seem like he knows his best team…which is nice. :lou_lol:

K.O. 19.45 BT live on Sport 1HD

They are going to get battered!

Bournemouth v Leicester the other one. My head says home win, but I think Leicester are about to turn their season on its head.

Go on the gunners

So far so shit, lovely stuff.

Lolololololol stick that up your arse Ronald


Blackburn 0-1 Brighton

:lou_lol: Going well so far.

Bournemouth 1-0 Leicester.

Everton 1-1 Arsenal

FFS can’t rely on arsenal to do anything right

Eastleigh are winning 2-0 at Halifax town in the FA cup

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Arsenal are looking pretty poor this evening!

Wow Everton 2-1

that should save RK.

fuck sake, Williams making up for his earlier mistake.

We run a very loose ship here, as you know. I make suggestions, not demands.

Can I _suggest _we wait for the chickens to come home to roost?

I have tried this in other topics with some success :lou_sunglasses:

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Bournemouth win, Sunday is going to be hard now, especially if we don’t play well.

Arsenal should have scored at the death.

What a lame, limp performance from The Arse last night…thought they’d just have to show up…wankers!