Good news for goats!

I’m sure that we on this forum were already fully aware of this! :lou_lol:

Yeah but…sinister eyes. :lou_surprised:

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Originally posted by @lifeintheslowlane

Yeah but…sinister eyes. :lou_surprised:

You are talking about goats rather than Goatboy specifically?


Bad News For Goats!!

Bad News For Goats

Hmmmm…I’ve never looked Goatboy in the eyes…didn’t like to risk it the last time we met.

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It’s his moobs isn’t it, coupled with those tight t-shirts he wears, you know you shouldn’t but your eyes are just drawn to them.


Not all goats are intelligent.

Some don’t even know the days of the week.


My dog does…he certainly knows when it’s the weekend…I go out early and get a newspaper. He also knows when we’ve ordered a curry to be delivered. As soon as I put the phone down he sits at the window and waits for the delivery. He goes mad when they arrive as he knows he’ll get a doggy treat from the delivery guy and his two free Poppadoms with the order.

I can’t see a goat doing that. :lou_lol:

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I’m with your 'slowlane.

Although I have seen our goat drag his arse and bollocks along the carpeted football pitch using his ‘front legs’.

Can yours do that?


If you know dogs then I think you’ll know the answer to that Bletch.

For others who don’t know…yes indeed dogs are gifted in that department.

Bletch / LITSL

Thanks for painting such a vivid picture. I was enjoying my lunch up until then


The ladies love the moves:


Hmmm…I don’t think I’ll search for that website thank you GB. :lou_facepalm_2:

Some more good news for goats.

Our Goatboy is no longer a “poster killer”.

There were some fingers being pointed after Furball announced he’d promised his wife he’d never post on TSW again.

He’s back on there, alive and well, calling Corbyn stuff again.

“Catweazle” was a particular favourite of mine, as I just about remember the show. Can’t see it going down too well with the kids though.

He’s either newly single or a massive lying bellend. Place your bets.

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