Good knight?

Apparently Cleggy is getting a knighthood.

What the fuck for?

Discussions on worthy or unworthy recipients of honours please. As a bonus extra, I’ll never call Richard Branson “sir”, but I will call him “dick”. Because he is one.

Part of the establishment and being a bellend.



Nick Clegg. Clegg Mania. Held a £70K+ job for yonks. Getting a knighthood for his troubles.

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Keeping his mouth shut about shit he saw in coalition?

Voting ‘for’ tuition fees?

Fucking up the one chance in a generation of voting reform?

Being an old boy of Westminster school?


He didn’t deliver on HIS promise, maybe he’ll kneel in front of the regent and get his stupid fucking head lopped off.


The bloke’s a perineum. Couldn’t be less deserving.

So he failed to keep his seat at the election because the constituents who were responsible for his employment in the 70K plus job rejected him, ie, he got the sack for being useless. So of course he must be rewarded for this by being given a Knighthood. I’m sure next up, like many before him, he will also be given a peerage, so that despite being sacked by his employers for being useless he can then go into the House of Lords and continue having a say in constructing the laws that the rest of us are expected to live by. Without having to bother himself with anything as vulgar as democracy. This is the reality of democracy UK style. Isn’t it grand!


As with so many honours, this simply shows what a steaming pile of poo our honours system is.


Speaking of undeserved honours, are the Sotonians awards happening this year?

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Arise Sir Cnut

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Fucking outmoded anachronism - line 'em all up against the wall and shoot the lot of them

Bloody socialists…

Yours Sincerely

HRH Lord Cobham Saint of Cobham, KFC, McD & Wine-bar

A job for the Soviet?

Is it? Oh well nevermind maybe next year then :lou_wink_2:


I have repeatedly turned down a Kighthood the establishment have tried to foist on me for no apprent reason. When I pointed out I had carried out no selfless service to the community they said that was the very sort of person they were looking for.

I will now have to think carefully should they repeat the offer.

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Listening to all those Calexico records so we don’t have to is pretty selfless :lou_wink_2:

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A colleague suggested today (in jest of course) That I should get an obe for being only worker in my team today. I said I’d refuse it as it’s a load of rubbish / harking back to the empire etc. He felt that was reasonable and made him question it. He’s from Zimbabwe.

Not a clue why Clegg is getting one apart from all suggestions above.