Gold Rush

Now, I’m very late to the party on this, but I’m currently on a 12/7 offshore project in Turkmenistan and I don’t have a great deal of choice of TV to watch.

But, I do have Discovery Channel Russia, and thus a nightly episode of Gold Rush.

I have no idea what season I’m watching, but a quick google tells me there are 8, but I know I now have to watch them all. What a great show. Almost a cross between a soap/a sitcom and an educational documentary. Absolutley fascinating viewing on a technical and personal level with some fantastically odd characters.

So, any other fans? Any who might be able to tell me what season I’m on based on what’s happening? :innocent:


Does it have super heroes or Klingon?

If not it goes into the GOODSHOWS NO CAPESHIT thread.

If it has Klingons Pap will issue weekly spoilers for you on he Star Trek thread

The Arts TV no less.

Right off to get some new golf stories

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I think you know me well enough by now that it is very unlikley you will find me in either the Star Trek or Golf threads… :wink:

Lesbians, @gwc ?

If no superheroes, golf or lesbians then you might draw a blank here.

Gold Rush?

Oh, it’s not a remake of the BBC’s Eldorado is it?

Is there a very tanned older woman with skin like leather who wears lots of gold? Is there a wheelchair user?

PS we have at least @philippinesaint who spends the other 12 in his 12/7 doing wrist exercises and not watching edu-soaps. So he won’t know either.


Less lesbians, more home erotic miners.

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Your not far wrong @saintbletch but I do occaisionally watch football at the same time as porn.

My 2.8 terrabite of gentlemans literature is nearly worn out.

NB it is Offshore employee

I do not work I have minions for that :lou_lol:


I hurried along here seeing the title thinking I would get some insider info on how and when to reinvest my Bitcoin collection only to find a bizarre resume on a TV series nobody’s ever heard of. :lou_angry:

Now on a double dosage of my blood pressure tablets…this kind of excitement isn’t good for a man of my advanced years. :lou_sad:

BTW Welcome to the madhouse…I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years. :lou_lol:


Oh, George Weah Cousin ain’t it! Hello mate! We’ll cum.


Yeah, hang around gwc.

I’ve read your blog and you know fuck all about football and carnt right for shit.

It’s ok, well learn yer.


Even if true he still knows more than you…


Mixed reviews. :innocent:

Now if you don’t mind I’m watching Gold Rush…

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I liked the series where they dug the big hole but didn’t find enough gold, and then the other series where they dug the big hole but didn’t find enough gold, and then the series where they dug the big hole but didn’t find enough gold, I like them in that order.

I also liked the side story about the guy who decided to cook bacon and eggs in the middle of camp during bear season, and the bear came and stole their bacon and eggs and gold.

I also like ‘gold divers’, where they dug a big hole under the sea but didn’t find enough gold.


I think I must be watching the best series!

They always seem to get just enough or a little bit more than the amount they needed not to bankrupt themselves and all their staff!

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I think you’re getting conflated with Fool’s Gold!!

I also liked the series where the young lad got given the company by his grandad, and soon after he was all like ‘fuck you grandad I make the rules now so stop interfering!’, and then he dug a big hole and didn’t find enough gold and then he was all like ‘help me grandad!’.

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I didn’t like ‘Jungle Gold’, which is about two complete fucking douchebags who dig a big hole in the jungle but didn’t find enough gold.