Going to latest read post borked?

Pap/Bletch, the feature to take you to your latest read post no longer seems to work for me.

When I click on a topic it will take me to the last read page but not the last read post on that page?


If you are talking about “Latest By”, we’ve had to disable that because it was doing things really inefficiently. All threads should now be reached by clicking the headline.

No, no the latest by, I never used that anyway!

When you click on the headline it used to take you to the last post you’d read. Now it’ll take you to the page but not the post!

So, for example, on the OT thread I clicked the headline and it took me to page e.g. 580 of 590 but I had to scroll down to the last post I’d read.

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I’ve been seeing this too Bob.

I’ll see if I can find a reproducible example.