Goal celebrations

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen some belters in my time supporting Saints, last nights probably tops the lot for me, when that went in everybody steamed forward bouncing off the seats right up to and over the pitch, I bent the seat back and the plastic reformed to its original shape propelling me 3 rows in air, row 7 to pitch in now time a belter of a bounce that.

Others include the 1-1 with United the other year and Coventry City away in the 90’s when we won 3-1 away strangely, I may have been off my head for that one though.


Well it has to be the '76 final goal celebrations for me.

We were half-way back on the terrace behind Stepney’s goal when the ball went in. Directly in line with the path of the ball so we all knew it was going in but all collectively held our breath until it rippled the net…then the whole place exploded.

The old Wembley was built like a concrete dam…seemingly unshakeable but in that moment the fabric of the terrace was literally bouncing up and down…I think if we’d syncronised our celebration the place would have crumbled. :lou_lol:


I just watched the goal footage for the 97th time - it gets better every time I watch it!


Can not wait to see the match somehow but I will!

Raziak at Derby 90th min. Monkou at Norwich to win 5-4 90th min. Gotta love the 90th minute onwards


Pretty much why last night was so special. After clock-watching for 90 minutes, that realisation that you’re not going to be caught and are going to Wembley. Magic.


That was mental last night, that celebration was crazy and no way would have been as good if we went through from the home leg, people were everywhere, on the floor under the seats, seats bent and bowed and everyone had a weird surge standing on top of the seats down to the players ha ha, even terracing wasn’t as mad as that.


Yep, that’s my favourite as well, John.

The explosion after the collective holding of breath is exactly how I remember it, too.

“Southampton go mad.”

The mayhem of this one also sticks in the memory.


Barry Horne v Bolton. I was in the Milton. Also the Bolton fans pretty much enjoyed their goal.


Cup Matches seem to bring out the best in celebrations don’t they!!

Obviously for me Bobby Stokes 76 will probably never be beaten, I think I must have been stood next to Slowy as I had the same view!!

Luckily for the sake of my heart and sanity I missed Uniteds next attack where they hit the bar or a goal line clearance (?) as I was still hugging each and every person within grabbing distance :wink:

In one of the earlier rounds, the replay v WBA at The Dell was probably the most squashed I’ve ever been at a match and when we scored in the 1st minute the place went mental. I was crowd surged down about 8 rows to the next barrier without my feet touching the ground. Chaos ensued with each of the following 3 goals as well.

And then the semi final at Stamford Bridge, once again packed in like sardines. Gilchrists goal was mightily celebrated but the icing on the cake Peachy’s penalty near the end had the same sense of euphoria as we suddenly realised we really were going to fucking Wembley. Strangely the train journey home was quite quiet as we were all trying to take in the bizarre reality that little old Division 2 Southampton were going to be playing in an FA Cup Final. It may not have the aura that it used to, but back then The Fa Cup Final was the biggest day of the footballing year bar none… and we were going to be a part of it. Just magic.


Funny you should say that, Eric, because it went very quiet on our coach back from Stamford Bridge as well … and then someone broke the silence by saying something like: “Fucking hell, Saints v Man Utd in the Cup Final beamed live all around the world!”, to which some miserable git – he’s probably posting on SWF as we speak – replied: “Yeah, we’ll probably get hammered five nil or something.:lou_eyes_to_sky: Talk about pissing on our parade.


Originally posted by @ericofarabia

…Obviously for me Bobby Stokes 76 will probably never be beaten, I think I must have been stood next to Slowy as I had the same view!!

Luckily for the sake of my heart and sanity I missed Uniteds next attack where they hit the bar or a goal line clearance (?) as **I was still hugging each and every person within grabbing distance ** :wink:

Yeah thanks for the finger Eric…I’ll always treasure that memory. :lou_wink_2:


One unforeseen spin off of this forum is learning you’ve stood next to so many (what are now mates) in the past.

That 76 goal view for example. And for the Youngsters, NOTHING apart from the goal that wins UCL can ever come close. The planet knew we were there to make up the numbers while they anointed the greatest club in history. It wasn’t just the Cup, it wasn’t sticking it to one club, we stuck it to the entire PLANET.

In modern times the goals that sealed our two promotions, that moment we knew we were back vs Coventry, everyone was in tears. Not Bazza mental but spine tingling just the same


I can’t remember why I missed this game but I did, was gutted and have been since, the Milton went crazy by al accounts.


Bazza, I was in the Milton Road End that day and I’d just moved myself down to the corner in order to give the manager some stick. Now, I know you’re not keen on fans giving our managers and players abuse, but remember this is Ian Branfoot we’re talking about. Anyway, your namesake suddenly struck those two beauties to turn, not just the match, but the whole atmosphere on it’s head, and I was left not knowing whether to have a shit or a haircut. :lou_surprised:

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I was under the East Stand for Horne’s goal. It’s in my top 5 for carnage celebrations. There’s a new number one as of this week.


My mate who doesn’t like football still went and I can’t remember why I didn’t go, he was buzzing for a week after that and I was well pissed off at him seeing it, just didn’t seem fair but thems the breaks.

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The Dell still makes me misty eyed, fuck I loved that place, there was no where else like it and you could go on piss all day down London road and just stroll back there, we were shit but it just seemed ours and our playground if that makes sense, St Marys not that I’ve been that much has never had that feel and to be fair nor would I want it but I loved the walking up Hill Lane from the station or walking through the park to London Road/Bedford Place, times change I guess, the teams got better so thats one good thing!

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I still think if Ashley Cole had not cleared the ball off the line, in the last minute of the cup final and Saints had scored, that stadium would have rocked to the foundations… we were amazing fans that day and will be again in Feb!

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