Global List Rich quiz



Damn I didn’t make a link ffs. Interesting puts things into perspective :laughing: Keep scrolling down, and pls donate


I’ve just started 2 threads :laughing:


WTF I try and do something good in life and

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Anyway its a website that asks you to put in you net income then makes you feel guilty that your part of the less than 1per cent. And it works.


Anyway what the hell


It’s a form to make you you feel bad for being a lucky 1 per cent of the worlds population, through birth and geography.


Fuck those dirty proles. I am con-sider-ably richer than Yaouh.


3 :lou_facepalm_2:


Damn just outside the top 100

Fuck you Zuckerberg

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Who the hell is earning 1.4 bn a year


People like this.

Edit: £1.7bn each, so they probably look down on anyone only earning £1.4bn.

Though life for some.


18,829,779th wealthiest person on earth

…but I may have exaggerated a little tbf & I still can’t accord my own super yacht or private jet!


The vice chancellor of bath university is the 1,050,000 wealthiest person (top 0.02%) Ever wonder where the student fees are going?


Fuck you,I’m the 23,244,101st, you’re buying the drinks at the next Sotonians meet up!!


there is only 3,160,862 in front of me I need to up my game a little bit :lou_lol:


And I remember you moaning that you couldn’t get any benefits in the UK because you’re a white middle aged man (that was you, wasn’t it?)


yes. not the point really at the time I was bottom of the list last place with no earnings


It is a little bit the point


How ?

Just because since that time when I had no income and no job I have got a job which allowed me to be in that so called position.

At the time I was moaning about the no benefits I was Unemployed with no income. so no not really the point at all.