Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


I’ve just paid for my Glastonbury tickets.

Due to the kids getting older, the cost of glamping is getting annoyingly high.

I think that this year, we’re going to swerve the Pop Up Motel and (drum roll) brave general camping.

Their cheapest option, once we’d priced the kids in, was a bring your own tent £700 jobbie. I’ve always fancied doing general camping anyway - but the missus was a bit apprehensive.


And yet again daughter is getting in free


Only 4, 5 at a push acts that I would consider paying any sort of money to see, let alone super ripped-off rates for Glasto.


And in contrast to Mangobean, there’s a couple of dozen acts on that poster that I would be front-row for at Glasto. Having not been last year i’d decided that I was going to swerve this year but having seen that line-up i’m tempted to go back on my word…providing I can get a ticket that is.


Waiting for re-sale. There are also a few things I’d like to see now. But if not we wil head off somewhere hot and ignore it all.


Front row Mikey?

That’ll be 75 metres from the stage - and the queue for that section is already sleeping out in a field.


Also gotta try resale but with mate in the village can try to book the less popular coach package as well.

Failing that may just have to blag one. Certainly more names on that list I’ve heard of this year :wink:


I’m contemplating the prospect of general camping with an equal mixture of dread and excitement. Excitement, because I never realised how detached the whole campervan or glamping experience really was.

2014; 30-45 minute walk back up to campervan fields, up a large slippery hill. The walk in was a bastard too. One of the few benefits of being a smaller person is that you don’t fall over very often. Low centre of gravity. I fell on my arse three times going to see Metallica. A coat was chucked in the bin that night.

2016: Flatter walk, quicker to get to the festival gates, but miles away from anywhere you want to go. Also bollocks in its own way.

2017: Thinking Baileys. It’s a bit out of the way, but it’s on relatively flat ground, and it’s going to be nowhere near the walk we’re used to. Open to other suggestions. Where’s best, @supermikey and @krg_ ?


@pap having seen a lot of mud there, somewhere high up is probably best place to camp.

Up early tomorrow am to attempt to get re-sale tickets. I’ve managed it before but not hopeful.

If not we will book our Reading fest tickets (going anyway but at lease will have the money to pay) and also book a holiday.


Good luck to those (like us) trying to get tickets in the resale this morning.

3 Hopes methinks

No Hope

Bob Hope &


But we try

Although this year I am torn, Mrs D_P is going on her own to a school reunion in Poland that weekend, on low cost airlines for virtually nothing, and while it would be fun to be “single” at Glasto, IF we don’t get tickets then the cost of that UK trip for me alone is equal to a week long vacation for both of us into S E Asia, back to Vietnam or maybe Cambodia would be luverly compensation.

And I am seeing my mate in Pilton on Monday week who’ll give me a ticket IF I grovel… Ho hum


Go get 'em Sotonians.



one of group got to enter all our details & payments and - boosh

Came up as sold out.

Back to Plan Z then Monday week


Fuck me!





We are going! Bought them at 9.03. So plans for Bali shelved. A little sad but sure we will do something different later on in the year.


Real line up out, not one of @dubai_phil 's

Line up


Some nasty clashes, as per.

Lorde and Radiohead is a killer


Bloody Hell

The Pretenders are still going…

17:45 Other Stage Saturday gonna be the “Last Big Suprise”? (Anything from Harry Styles to Gaga rumoured)

tbh at least last year I had heard of most of the bands on the Pyramid stage. But this year, lot of work to do on You Tube (Crap Local Radio)


Can see a few clashes already. Particularly on Saturday.


Yeah, Katy Perry or those TBA boys. Tough call :lou_sunglasses:

But seriously seems sod all on early each day then the huge clashes late afternoon and at headline time.

Gonna take planning and think the weather (mud levels) will decide the eventual choices.

BUT our krew just agreed there is one NO WAY NOT GONNA BLOODY MISS act.

The Pretenders - more pumped to see them for some reason.



I am sure we will see the Pretenders too. Seen Chrissie on stage with Brandon Flowers a few times.

I now need to get flexi booked for the Wednesday as partner now wants to head down then rather than Thursday. It was his decision as he thinks we get too tired by Friday. Men eh? Cannot make up their minds.