🎹 Gigs you wish you'd been at

Inspired by the Tasman’s meltdown on another thread, please can you post here footage of live shows that you were at or you wish you’d been at or you think are fucking skill.



This is another one. Christ alive, I could watch this forever:

When the Rev were good:

Off to see them in a few weeks at a 1000 capacity venue in Hackney. Never got to see them back in the day but seen them twice last few years. Still got it.

Which one?

I was at this one, even met George Martin AND Lady Di

To this day I still remember sending the self addressed envelope from a small post office in Dorset to ONLY see Level 42, Big Country and Suzanne Vega at Wembley. Then everyone EVER turned up.


Wish I had been? Hmmm Hall and Oates any.

Bon Jovi - Abu Dhabi - I had tickets but had to fly for work, Springsteen Crystal Palace - ditto the work thing.

Michael Jackson 1983 Dubai - I had a ticket but the tour was cancelled due to the abuse allegations.

Sorry, which what?

Off to see ‘them’, you said. I’m guessing it’s not the Beasties, sadly.

Ah I replied to the Ride video. Although Beastie’s are doing some book signing soon at Kentish Forum. But think it’s sold out now.

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Nice one, I’ve heard very good things about their gigs since they reformed.

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I was at this one. The sound of a band moving from good to great IMO

Had the chance to see them.

Bindled off on my own to watch Sleaford Mods and Flaming Lips at the Park Stage.

Going from nearly all reports bar @Intiniki’s fan boy boyf, who rushed to the front like a teenager, I reckon I had the better night :smiley:

And in answer to the OP, this gig, in Glasgow.

I was three at the time.

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Ride are awesome! Hardly anyone knows about then down here. Love their first album to death, In a Different Place, Polar Bear are bang on but Vapour Trail is one of my all time favourites by any band

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Vapour Trail is pretty much my favourite song. It takes me back to being a teenager and a great time. I probably thought it was an awful time but it was a pretty good time.

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A little before my time at the Krazy House. They’d largely stopped doing gigs there by the time I arrived in 1994. However, it’s a place that every Liverpool rocker knows well.

I stopped going after I turned up one night at age 30. I went with my mucker from work. I said “Dude, some of these girls are five years older than my daughter”. Pretty lax on ye olde ID front, one would assume. My daughter was ten at the time.

You didn’t get lucky then?

Glastonbury 2019 spice girls. 4/5