Gig photos

Think a few people have uploaded a few gig photos so thought a thread all for themselves may be nice and gets me away from political threads.

Back in 2009


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Probably me in the ‘crowd’ at the Will Varley gig at The Joiners.

Probably not too.

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So that’s how you did your shoulder…

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Turns out I took a picture of Will Varley at the same gig…

How iconic is that Joiners’ backdrop?


Note Walter White front left of the crowd. Cool bloke.

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OK, so top this Intiniki…

Stay with the somewhat long and convoluted story (The RaleighBoy will be along in a minute to tell me that I could turn it into an anecdote by Xmas!).

So I’ve become moderately obsessed with a folk singer called Ben Marwood. I’ve shared a few of his songs on here, like this…

It turned out that Ben was struggling to make it as a musician (the wittier of our number will make a wisecrack at this point), and was holding down a day job too. He then fell ill with a quite serious condition, and the combination of those things made him give up music.

About a year after he put the cork back in his genius bottle, I started to get into him! So I was gutted and felt that I was destined never to see him live.

I then saw that he played a one-off benefit at The Union Chappel in December last year…

Which meant he was starting to feel well enough to play live again. Perhaps he might tour again, I thought. So I’ve been checking his website for details of future tours, but I couldn’t see anything coming up.

Yesterday evening, I get this from a mate at the school where I work who also appreciates Mr Marwood’s work…

With the message

“It’s only Ben bloody Marwood”.

I call him a bastard for not telling me, and he tells me that he’s at a mini-festival thing in Reading and didn’t know BM would be there.

I ask him to find out when and where BM’s playing next and it turns out he’s doing a gig at The Monarch in Camden soon - as well as something else in Reading.

So feeling great and pleased that I’m soon going to get to see Ben Marwood, I thank him and think nothing more of it.

Then, late last night I get this in an MMS (apologies for the quality, and you should know that my name IRL is Danny)…



Well I should have some Calexico pics later in the week. The Missus and I are going down to Brighton with a couple of friends for the Tuesday gig at The Dome. We’re on the guest list again, (know drummer John though a non-music connection) staying over on Tuesday night so should be able to WHOOP it up at the gig and of course get pissed. :lou_lol:

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Thank fuck for that Bletch. He seems ‘normal’.

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Have the shit test Internet connectivity here in Santorini so all of your videos and other stuff is blocked! I look forward to watching when I get back.

Arrived in Brighton on Monday a day early for the Calexico gig at The Brighton Dome on Tuesday evening. Parked the car and got our bags for the short walk to our hotel. Just outside the car park were three decorated telephone junction boxes and this was one of them.

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Tuesday evening: As usual the Calexico gig was fantastic…yes I know I’ve been a fan for nearly 20 years but they never disappoint, I try to be unbiased_ :lou_wink_2:_ …in fact I think they get better every time we see them. For the last 5 years we have been lucky enough to be on the guest list through a link with band leader John Convertino. Here’s a picture of…left to right…

My good lady Jacqui, Friend Sue, John C, myself and Jairo Zavala (guitar/pedal steel guitar).

A previous Calexico gig in 2013 was in The Dome Corn Exchange which is all standing, much preferred for atmosphere and picture taking. This was in The Dome itself which was all seating and we were sat just infront of the mixing desk at the back of the stalls…too far away for decent pictures but perfect for sound.

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Saintbletch - finally got to see video where you got a shout out! Pretty cool!

I was lucky enough to meet Tim Burgess a few years ago. Total fan girl moment. Ah well.

Some more pics

Noisettes at Kentish Town Forum in 2010. I won tickets to this. Ended up taking a friend of a friend of a friend etc Never met them before.

RATM at Finsbury Park free gig 2010 (seems to be a theme already) Thought this was first time I’d seen them. Turns out I had seen them at Reading many moons previously but has been working there so hadn’t registered. :lou_facepalm_2:

Another free gig at Itunes fest in 2010 - Kate Nash

eventually paid for a gig in 2010 - Fun lovin criminals

Miss these guys gigs. The Delays

Brandon Flowers

Morcheeba (I remember them playing somewhere (Guildhall?) pre smoking ban - interesting smelling smoke that night)

Nouvelle Vague at the Brook

The final gig of 2010 - Motorhead at the Guildhall (another free one - perk of working there). Without doubt the loudest gig I’ve ever been too.


2011 and started with another Delays gig. On Saturday ended up behind Aaron from the band by the triangle. Used to bumped into him lots in charity shops.

Getting as close as I can to Brandon Flowers of the Killers at Scala

My first Glastonbury

Not stalking him. Honest. This was at Eden Sessions at Eden Project. Loved it.

The Pierces supporting Coldplay. I didn’t think much of them but pretty woman

Itunes freebie. Coldplay. The company who did the lasers and confetti asked to use this photo. Not sure they did.

Another free Itunes gig

Bit of RHCP


Love Revisited with Johnny Echols from the original Love line-up (far right).


One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to was Arthur Lee just after he got out of jail in 2001 or 2002 @ the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh. Absolutely amazing. No pics unfortunately!


I’m a media lawyer specialising in media image rights for my clients.

I shall be contacting the administrators of this site to obtain poster’s contact details with a view to commence legal proceedings in connection with unauthorised use of my client’s images.

Not really :wink:

You can go change your undercrackers now…



There are a few of us “Sotonians” here who saw Arthur Lee on that tour…he played The Brook in Southamton.

Don’t give up the day job.

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