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Southampton is the most well managed team in the Premier League, according to findings by consultancy firm Organizational Maturity Services (OMS).

Each Premiership club was ranked based on “its leadership, management quality and capability for creating sustainable value; not only with respect to its players but from all human capital.”

The report said that Southampton won out for being driven by core football values, and that it was a club “where people are viewed as a source of value and not just as a cost.”

Not sure how much value there is in these findings but we have come a long way from the chaos of the last decade - nice to see that reflected in this research.


Stick that up your arse Leicester!


open top bus parade pls


yeah Leicester, and look at our radio station and world class catering you jealous bastards!!


There had better be a fucking Europa league place for this.


Quite the contrary, Buxton.

The award comes with a Community Chest card that reads “Get out of the Europe League FREE - this card may be kept until needed or sold”

When we’re bottom, playing Thursday and Sunday in the Little Cup and our squad is on its arse, that card will come in handy.

But, I thought we were run like a crappy seaside b&b?

KRG confuse :lou_facepalm_2:

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That was before we started encouraging our staff at the Club to hold excellent conversations with each other, and philosophically exchange continually.

Since those dark and dank musty B&B days – we’ve become enlightened, and are now a beacon of positivity and hope to the world. :lou_wink_2:

So does this now mean we will now walk the fucking league and win a cup.,or does this mean we continue to make sound business decisons by selling our best players each year and thus making it an easier decison for good managers to leave because we dont seem to want continuity… or am I being cuntish about such a victory? :lou_surprised:

…I think the latter young man. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

It’s a struggle Lifey… a constant inner turmoil that is seriously pulling me apart… to champion our great victory and be grateful for what the constant philosophically exchanges have brought about versus the need for a football club to build progressively…

You and Bletch are related. Bless, had us all fooled up to now.

Things have certainly been on the up and up since the appointment of Dr Barry Gale.

He is still listed as ‘Player Integration Officer’ on the staff list at the official Saints website :lou_lol:


Bletchy and Gay went up a tree

K. I. S.S.I N. G…

FYI, it’s spelt


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Oh oh oh, I like the reference!