Genoa Bridge Collapse

Genoa Bridge Collapse


What an absolute tragedy this could end up being - it feels like it could be Italy’s Grenfell.

Fingers crossed the number of dead isn’t as bad as feared, but with something like this you can’t see anything but a large number.


Bet the guy in that lorry shat himself


Looking like dozens of dead



Least of his worries tbf



We flew into Genoa in April this year and pretty sure our taxi used that road taking us into town for the station. Cannot even imagine the horror underneath that bridge. You can see flats underneath the bridge.


Clearly a tragic loss of life and a horrific accident which must be investigated.
Equally, being such an important artery of Italy (and the EU in general) it is going to need to be fixed pdq and means a clusterfvck of traffic chaos in that area for some time


You’re not implying it was planned by an unknown overseas agency to break the EU and make Brexit palatable to the whole of the UK?



@saintbletch? Seems like Pap has hacked Cobham-Saint and is using his log-in to create new Fiverweb conspiracy theories.






I wonder how many of the 39 dead have fallen out of the concrete!!


Some “brave people” starting to speak out across Italy. This is about ANOTHER major bridge (from FB)

A27 motorway viaduct of fadalto what connects vittorio veneto to belluno. These photos were sent to me. They go back to 2017 and they tell me to be taken by Caesar hat.
Now, August 2018 at what point is the state of things?
It always seems to happen to others, we do not wait for it to happen to us because it might already be too late and we may not be able to tell about it
#bastachiacchere #bisognaagire
I would like to thank you for your confidence, I often get requests of varying nature, from presentations of books, to reports of in, theft in housing etc, someone believes me in contact with press, Television, politics, but in that they are wrong. There’s nothing around me anymore. #Cisiamosolonoi #Tabaccaiawesternoff
But this is a big thing and I think you deserve not only my concern but much more than I can do.