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View From The Top. No, the decent sort :laughing: x Love ya really, VFTT.


I would love one of those Georgian terraces at the bottom of the photo, amazing houses, been in a couple and they are absolutely massive, the basements are the size of an average house easily. Now that’s a man cave.



'Spitfire over Leeds Castle'

Spitfire over Leeds Castle last weekend.


Originally posted by @Dubai_PhilThe at Kalam you turn left for Afghanistan and turn right for Gilgit & the base camp for K2. This was the road to Gilgit ^

This was the footpath that the Mujahideen used to transport weapons & supplies into Afghanistan during the Russian conflict.

What was I doing there? UN Media tour event we’d donated some kit that was being used to power & village and rehabilitate the locals. Seemed a good idea at the time and it is still the greatest Business Trip I have ever been on!

When you see what the Mujahideen were prepared to do ie lug tons of supplies down there, you realise the Russians had no chance


Many years ago the chap in the photo below cadged a cigarette off me outside the city walls of Tallinn, Estonia. He then told me about his experiences after being conscripted to fight with the Soviet Army in Afganistan.

I think his face says it all really.


Random Liverpool

Cunard Building and a bit of the Liver Building

Wet downtown

Liver Building


Random America:-


Nor to be honest did the NATO forces

I think we climbed from about 6,000 feet to around 16,000 the whole trek took about 6 hours, and back at that time I thought I was healthy yet I couldn’t breath when it was my turn to simply carry the guide’s Kalashnikov. Looking back the insane thing is I did that climb in a pair of retro Reeboks, a Saints Polo shirt & baseball cap. We had nothing else, just a pack of Marlboro & a lighter. No water, no food. (But we had left a 6 pack of Heineken in a stream where we parked the car so did have the thought of a cold beer when we got back) A farmer at the mountain pass fed us unleaved bread and some form of warm goat fat to dip it into for lunch




My aunt and uncle have house up in North Uist and the family all piled up there for a big party. Remote, cold and windy. But stunning too. Some beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. Shame it’s always so cold.


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Can’t post the goatfat pic as it has someone else in it and we have issues here of posting locals on social media without permission. But the day before we did the trun right run up towards Gilgit and this boy cooked us our lunch. Chicken Kadai

Yeah I skipped that as well. We then headed back to town to find some meat for dinner.

Yeah, I had a bowl of rice instead


The second picture reminds me of a trip to Colombia and staying in an agricultural college. One morning walk out bleary eyed to the outside kitchen to be faced with a large cow carcass and a head on the floor. Not what you want to see as a vegetarian.

Otherwise Colombia was stunning place. If not a bit edgy where we went.




A sotonian walking the South Downs Way

A sotonian walking the Pennine Way


Dornie, Kyle of Lochalsh, Scottish Highlands


Hamel Down, Dartmoor, Devon


Remains of wooden stakes erected in WWII to deter German gliders

View from summit of Bronze Age Settlement, Grimspound

Memorial Stone to RAF crew who lost their lives on Hamel Down


Shepherds’ Delight, Peak District, Derbyshire


Love this. Link to full story here.


Another trip to the Norfolk coast this time with a new camera.

Highlight seeing the seals.