General Election 2018

General Election 2018


Before you say “what General Election?”, I’m not alone in sticking my neck on the line. Big financial interests, such as the EMC Group and Morgan Stanley have already briefed about the imminent collapse of Theresa May’s government.

It’s surely coming.

And due to my arduous nine hour days in April, that scoundrel @dubai_phil got in there first on the General Election 2017 lark, I’m determined that this will not be the case this time. I may be wrong, but for that to happen, May has to get a lot of stuff right.

She has a shit track record, and I think the nation will want to get Chrimbo out of the way first. Hence 2018.

Will she call the election herself, or will a new Tory leader emerge? I know the former seems mental, but we’ve seen how much she’ll do to cling to power.


Given the in-fighting within the Tories, plus of course May’s falling-out with her new bezzie mates from Northern Ireland, the disintegration of this horribly inept government certainly looks more like a probability than a possibility. Difficult, too, to see any new leader emerging who’d be able to make a better fist of it.

But what will we all do when he don’t have Theresa there to provide us with the strong, stable leadership that we crave and need? The horror, the horror.


Damn beaten to thus for the simple fact I had to cram a week of Xmas family stuff & shopping into 36 hours and actually do some work this week.

Heck I’m only on my 4th pint of the trip that’ how bad it is AND I get whipped on current events ffs.

Think she will be lucky to last until Xmas DUP have her over a non negotiable barrel and can screw any Brexit deal


There’s nothing more inept in my living memory. Thatcher was cruel, but she was competent for years. May has not managed a year. She’s made an utter fucking balls of her stewardship.

This government is the Walking Wanking Dead.


If May calls an election I would be very surprised, but that seems to be the norm in politics these days. If the Tories won the election, then I would hold my hands up and walk away from politics.


They are going no where, unless forced( @pap If you could list the options for this it would be appreciated). It has been a farce since the election and they just ignore one embarrassment after another. Anyone that gives that freak Johnson a role like Foreign Minister is taking the piss out of all of us(don’t believe that? Just consider the roles given to Fox and Davis).

They have a goal and the last election gives them the time frame they need to achieve it. They will sacrifice anything(leader/billions/democracy/us) for this cause, so if you can’t evict them they will put up with anything to achieve that goal. Shame, as it might have worked with the right group running things(but you would need an election for that to happen).

They will not call an election unless forced, or they get pictures of JC wanking over kiddie porn. Which do you think is more likely?


Well he does look like a wrong’un



He’ll have a mysterious heart attack(much easier to control).


TM looks the more likely heart attack candidate atm.


The ol’ John Smith trick?


I dunno if I woud want to take over being The Government until after the Brexit is fully done. Poison fkn chalice. Much better to come in just after when you can blame everything on Someone Else.


What…or who? I think you mean Pap. :lou_wink_2:


June 2018 a triumphant Corbyn stands on the steps of No.10, addresses the assembled media for the first time and says, “Finally! I can now start to repair all the damage done to this country… by Pap”


We know that vote counting can take a long long time bear. If they get voting in spring, by the time all the votes are counted and processed and meeting with Bletch has happened etc, Brexit will have already be over with. Ireland will be united again, soft cheese will be made illegal and all beer will be 4.5%.


That woud be quite bad too tho. I mean, if Corbyn won the general election and he was all celebrating, goes to No. 10 but Theresa May refuses to answer the door, and then finally months later she’s just like, no, I’m still government but you can make suggestions bout the future direction of the country or whatever. Just write them all down, post them in nearest bin, see what happens.


As much as I would hate Corbyn anywhere near the tiller, I would fear John McDonnell more.


i think this is a pretty neat+funny summary of the Last Election for contexts:

Edit: It is Old News but I only just seen it so maybe you missed it too rip


Do you remember the last three chancellors, including the incumbent? :lou_sunglasses:


Exactly, when you are trying to put out a fire, you don’t use petrol.


Sorry mucker, these fuckers never had a clue about running an economy that works. They’ve all presided over a scenario in which in individual can hold down a full time job and still not have enough money to live on without further assistance , in which two million people are in a state of permanent overdraft.

The policy choices they’ve made have been fucking useless. There’s an old rule. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Most other developed countries can get away with charging around 26% corporation tax. I was certainly happy to pay it back in the day. What the fuck did the Tories fix by taking that money out of the economy?

Raising the Personal Allowance is another thing the neoliberals love to crow about.

“We’ve taken more people out of tax!”, they say.

The problem is, to win that prize in the last “giveaway”, you have to be earning less than £11.8k, and more than £11.5k. Those are the only people “taken out of tax” with the new threshold.

If you earn less, you were already out of tax, you lucky lucky £221 a week bastard.

The truth is that it’s a tax break for everybody which means almost fuck all to anybody, _unless _it’s pooled collectively. Billions lost from the exchequer over the year. Weekly to the individual, it’s just shy of two quid a week.

Indefensible policy when you actually break it down.

And you worry about someone who actually fancies a structured economy.