👨💰👩 Gender pay equality

We are 18th in the World which needs improving but isn’t so bad as long as we go up the table, I see the Nations at the bottom are the ones controlled by religion, some things never change. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-34808717

Classic new thread Baz. What exactly is the connection between your question and the post please?

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You’ll have to ask the BBC concerning that Bucks as I copied their headline, are you insinuating they are agenda based?

Oh ok. Its a gender equality question. Most new discussions involve the OP making it clear what the thread is about, or what their point is. I did not realise I had to work it out for myself, sorry.

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I spent most of my working life working (1967 - 1996) for an institution that fully endorsed and acted upon the tenet of equal pay. Very forward thinking and liberal in attitude you would think…their name…HM Civil Service.


Sorry I’ll go and check other original posts on this site for continuity…

Unionised and its actually a gross exaggeration, the massive earners in London skew it hugely, again the low and average earners are the ones playing ball.

I’ve re-titled this thread as the original made no fucking sense outside of Animal Farm*.

* I refer only to the George Orwell book, not the infamous mucky VHS, which I have heard about but not seen.

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Thank you Pap, I’ll get onto the beeb…

I’m not talking about Whitehall Manarins…I’m talking about a productive arm of the Civil Service that gave a fair crack at advancement on merit. The department was in fact lead by a woman for 15 years who was probably the best leader in the deprtment’s history.

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I don’t disagree with what you say, where have I?