GEEK THREAD: Robot Wars is back on Sunday...anyone excited?

GEEK THREAD: Robot Wars is back on Sunday...anyone excited?



You fucking child.

Yes, to answer your question.


I doubt the original will cut if for me after experiencing Robot Fight Club.


Really hope we see hypnodisk back…



… unless there’s a ‘pokemon killer’ competing, in which case …



When i read the title i thought another drone strike on a Syrian hospital had been announced.


When and where? Sign me up.


How times change, eh?


If they’re going to allow things like spiked demolition balls or RPGs or Transformer-type humungous bastard things, then yes.

Otherwise, no



Can’t believe that Razor went out in the first round.

How awesome does that spinning blade look on Carbide?

Nuts was my favourite, though. Mental.

Bletch is reliving his geeky youth.


I was cynical, but having watched the first episode now… well, they’ve only gone and nailed it. Even though he was only in place for one series, it felt as though Clarkson left his mark all over the original Robot Wars. With this new run it’s a little less brash and more measured. Yet with the extra stuff examining the teams (and the fact that you can hear what they’re saying during the rights) it’s got plenty of personality and so isn’t too clinical.

Appears the show’s budget may be a little tighter but that doesn’t detract. Possible even makes it more accessible. Having begun watching with more of a “haha, nostalgia!” attitude I’m genuinely looking forward to the next episode.


Carbide was unreal…


Gutted about Razer though. Would’ve loved to see how it coped with some of the newer robots.