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Whether you’re a Percy Thrower fan or the big Don floats your azaleas this section will be about posting your favourite gardening tools and even possibly showing them and lending them to fellow avid green fingers, at the moment I’m digging up the whole bsvk garden so I’m having to go for the trusty fork, mind you after all the work that’s needed I probably won’t be soon ha ha (I fell off my gardening mat laughing).


Maybe you could also discuss which tampons fit you best, or post up pictures of your best cross stitch as well.

Could I ask resident expert Bazza.

Why, when trying to poison my patio, does the 10 quid pack of dilute to taste weed killer, (supposedly enough to treat a large NCP Parking lot) only cover the size of a small family saloon?

Genuine question. What do you do when your whole garden gets overgrown, and there as many weeds as there are plants? Is it better to cut the whole lot down, or would you still attempt to pull out the weeds amongst the madness?

Gardens grown so damn fast.

Weeds are only flowers growing in the wrong place. To solve this problem declare the whole of your garden a “flower friendly zone”

In this case, no weeding needs to be carried out…except on the patio.



Pressure sprayer.


I like that advice. Only problem is the neighbour is complaining about the bindweed and saying it’s spreading into his garden.

I discovered an amazing trick for weeds growing on the patio. Pour salt over them, and then boiling water. They die after a few days and then don’t come back for years!

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Find a man, stripped to the waist and with a scythe - Poldark style?

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Well, yeah there’s that.

Any offers on here?

Oh my days! What ARE you thinking of girlfriend? All that lard wobbling about!!!

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Heehee. Naughty Ruthy! :slight_smile:

I would like to register my objection to the undertones of male objectification in this thread.

Largely because I fear the bloke from Poldark is out of reach for our average male member. If we shook things about a bit_, at a push we could do old + krap with a scythe and striped round the waist (from shorts too tight) I suppose_.


About time we got our own back!

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Let’s resurrect this thread….the mower is staying in the shed.

I’ve told the missus I’m signing up to this - for the bees - “and not because you’re a lazy fuck?” says Mrs C_S

Will there be a no prune June?

Is that ladies topiary?

After a year and a half of seeing no birds in the garden (our close is cat central), we have some great tits nesting in our bird box :lou_lol:

Not biting.
No Siree

“Won’t somebody think of the bees?” :cry::cry::smile: