⚽ Gameweek 37 - Other Games

This is it, will Rafa stuff his ex-exployers chances of winning the title this year or will the media be demanding a 2 week period of mourning for the “best” team in the Premier League this time out?

Friday 5th May

  • Everton 20:00 Burnley

Saturday 4th May

  • Bournemouth 12:30 Spurs
  • Wolves 15:00 Fulham
  • Cardiff 17:30 Crystal Palace
  • Newcastle 19:45 Liverpool

Sunday 5th May

  • Chelsea 14:00 Watford
  • Huddersfield 14:00 Man Utd
  • Arsenal 16:30 Brighton

Monday 6th May

  • Man City 20:00 Leicester
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Eastleigh play off game is on BT Sport apparently, no idea when obviously

Last night??



Everton 2 up against Burnley at the half.


Son sent off for Spuds Dier should also be sent off for three yellow card offences which he only gets 1 card for.

Still 0-0

Foyth sent off for Spuds down to 9 men now :smile::smile::smile:


Bournemouth go 1 up in injury time

This Champions League malarkey can’t be all that, nobody seems to want to play in it

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Wolves have scored against Fulham

Cardiff losing 1-2

Cardiff lose 2-3 and are relegated. Isn’t it.

Liverpool take the lead after 13 minutes and decide to demonstrate their superiority by fannying around with it at the back leading to confusion (mainly by Lovren) and an equaliser.

The Toon are up for this.

Game on.

Liverpool take the lead again. Newcastle have forgotten how to defend.

Two fucking two.

Get in.


Mo Salah down injured in a clash with the keeper.

Looks like concussion.

Stretchered off.

I do like the rules for substitutions in the case of a concussion (as explained by the commentator)

Didn’t hear those, Bob.

What did they say?

They can bring a sub on for him, he get’s assessed, if it is concussion then they effectively get another sub. Or something like that. I think if he’s not concussed then he can come back on :man_shrugging:

Maybe I heard it wrong because I can’t see anything about it on t’interweb…

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That sounds sensible but never heard of that law.