Games moved for TV on a Friday Good Idea or not

Games moved for TV on a Friday Good Idea or not


So Saints away game to Man United has been moved to Friday 19th August

Why the Hell do we want games on a Friday night pain in the arse for people who have jobs to get to and a pain for people who live in different time zones to get to watch as well.

Is this a good idea or not

  • No
  • Yes
  • Couldn’t give a shit

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Shit thing to do. Don’t suppose they even considered the travelling fans.

All because of fucking sky, bunch of cunts that they are.


If it were say Liverpool v Everton or Palace v Spurs then no problem but to drag your arse up the country on a Friday night is bolloxs.


Sky have never considered travelling fans despite it being widely acknowledged that even when watching on TV, the away fans generate the atmosphere. They just rely on people making huge sacrifice as always. Watching a game without any travelling fans would be shite


As a self-employed American living on the west Coast, it means I can watch the game live at a convenient time. Sounds good to me.

PhilippineSaint Mark this one as the correct answer.


Is it really that much of a prob?

I only do half-day Fridays. That reflects the fact that no-one in this country does any work on a Friday afternoon.

It could be the foot in the door for a glorious four day week!


While fans will have to spend the day on the M6, Sky pay so much that when they click their fingers, the clubs have to dance.

Perhaps it’s up to the clubs to pass on more of the benefits to those at the sharp end of these decisions?


Football should be played at 3pm on Saturday afternoons. Full stop. No wonder we cant win an Interntaional competitions! SKY are a bunch off arses. Give us our football back!


It’s all well and good slagging Sky off but how many of you pay for Sky Sports? I can smugly say I refuse to and I get BT Sport for free with Virgin otherwise I wouldn’t pay for that either.

They’ll continue to bend the fans over as long as the fans are prepared to pay the ££.


Given the amount of media money sloshing around now the clubs aren’t going to do anything to stop it.

If it means moving games the they’ll happily do it.

Despite clubs paying lip service to supporters don’t forget that Football is a business and their aim is to make money for the owners and shareholders

Fans will now always take 2nd place, so while I personally would like to see all games played at 3pm on a Saturday, it’s not going to happen & am resigned to changing my schedules to fit in with games being moved. I’m pissed off mind you.


Makes it easier for me, as I work for myelf and find Saturday’s really hard, as I am either busy with work or it is set aside for family time, as mrssfcsim works her arse off Monday to Friday.

Also living 2 hours up the road make this a better option for me, even better would have been midweek. The more away northern games that are midweek the better.

I can fully understand the frustration of supporters in the south though!

On the flip side, if it was 3pm on a Saturday, the Saints fans that do not travel away, would not be able to watch Saints away. So more Saints fans get to see the game on tv. So many conflicting interests really!


It’s a load of old bollox if you ask me.

This game should have been moved to Monday so that I could have gone to it (flying into Manc on Sunday).

The thought of (trying!!) to watch Saints on a Friday Night after an Alcohol Free For All Friday Brunch is a very scary thought indeed. First duty on Saturday whenever one finally wakes up would be to check Internet to find out what the score was!!

Can foresee a few domestics breaking out as well, when Friday stops being couples/date night!!


Will certainly brighten up a Friday in Doha…what sort of brunch do you go to Eric? Doesn’t sound too much fun :grimacing:


I see what you did there … you know us well enough to know exactly what I mean!! :wink:


I wouldn’t worry about it. It’ll go on until we get that one night where people put the following things together.

  1. It’s a football match
  2. It’s a Friday night
  3. It’s the perfect opportunity to get mortal and rowdy.

Problem is, Friday is already recognised as a night for being mortal and rowdy.

The minute our Saints boys come into contact with the disenchanted paper clip crew in Salford, there’ll be fucking chaos.

It ends, night one :lou_lol:


I watch BT in the pub over the road (although I guess that isnt free as I usually have several pints) and watch SKY at my mates place if he is around so I am technically a tightwad and proud of it!


Two days to recover from heroic beer dosage. Happy days.


It’s disgraceful, just like the FA Cup final kicking off in the bloody evening, what was that about?

We didn’t even have Stuart Hall doing It’s a Cup Final Knockout…

Next thing we’ll have Motson learning that the laws of the game have changed since 1975 and we can’t have that.

Just run a plough over the pitch and kick off at 3pm - we want proper football back!


Yeah! Just fuck off, Sky!! I mean it. Just fuck off.

Any news on that £30 million player, we are after?


Tut Tut Papster. Coming from you of all people!! Associating with too many workshy scousers matey?

I’m not sure the people working in shops,on the buses, trains, airports, emergency services and our wonderful nurses etc etc would agree with you.

Your 4 day week would be a fucking waste of space if all the other people weren’t at workl!!

I’m sure your post was tongue in cheek, but having worked shiftwork all my life, the *POETS* Day concept pisses me off. * For the uninitiated - Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday!!