🕹 Games I am playing at the moment

:joystick: Games I am playing at the moment


Finally completed XCOM 2 on legend Ironman, had to take a 3 month hiatus due to blood pressure issues as previously got to the final level only for it to keep crashing :lou_angry:

Next problem is my character died halfway through the campaign and I was kind of hoping it would be me that would deal the killer shot right at the end. Oh well, just have to start campaign No. 314 where I’m sure Colonel Gavstar will prevail…


Or you could take a break and wait for War of the Chosen.


@goatboy is not happy with some Just Cause 3 footage I’ve just uploaded.

I don’t know what he’s complaining about. I think it magnificent.


Thought you were too busy brushing up on your Elvis:


Just bought this, super excited to give it a whirl later.

I had previously wanted Sonic to be put out to pasture, as it was frankly depressing watching the continual stream of shite games ruining the name. But, this one looks really good, and true to the originals.

p.s. Whatever pap :lou_wink:


Shut up, @krg_ .

Hype up a game where the central conceit actually works :lou_sunglasses:


Maybe just git gud? :lou_sunglasses:


Bought Sonic Mania, and got so riveted that I’ve only gone and completed it the same day (despite intending to string it out).

Fuck me - they’ve actually done it.

First truly worthy Sonic game since Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It’s beautiful, plays like a dream and features more imagination than even the originals did. If Sega have any sense at all, they’ll just let Christian Whitehead and associates develop all future games.

Thankfully I still have the emeralds to collect/bonus stages to gold medal, PlayStation trophies and a veritable **ton ** of in-game special features/extra modes. Expect I’ll do playthroughs as Tails and Knuckles too.

Both the 8-year old and 30-year old 'me’s are so freaking happy right now. :laughing:


I didn’t go that deep, but yeah it’s wicked.


Everybody’s Golf on PS4. £30. Money well spent if you’ve been after a decent golf game.


I like the look of this.

Never been quite sure why, but I quite enjoy golf games. Which is odd, as I have zero interest in golf.


Still GTA V online, the game that keeps on giving.


I’ve played the series for a long time now. This edition isn’t exactly going to blow your mind graphically - the art style means it was never going to. As a nice relaxing game of videogame golf (I don’t play RL either), it’s fantastic.



Rockstar Table Tennis. That was a great game.

Can’t beat a run of RDR, LA Noire and Max Payne though…

Currently playing Destiny 2 (I never played the original) - s’alright.


I’ve been playing the new PES, released last Thursday. I haven’t yet gone on to import everything, but I have imported the Sotonians logo and used it as “Hampshire Red”'s logo.

Very good. They’ve finally not jipped PC owners.



Heat Signature.

Got it last night, and have been thinking about it in my idler moments today. It’s a game about nicking other people’s spaceships, and it’s a lot of fun.

It’s Hotline Miami meets FTL. For the uninitiated, Hotline Miami is an impressive retro styled twitch murder simulator where you die quickly, and restart lots of times. FTL is a starship management game, featuring a pause mechanic where you issue orders and your dudes do their thing.

This has extreme violence, 2D stylings, and actively encourages pausing.

The overall effect is mesmerising. Your dudes are like bullet time heroes that swing from victim to victim. It’s also as brutal in difficulty as Hotline Miami. Even with the pause button, there’s a lot of shit that can go wrong, and it often does. Nevertheless, you’ll keep plugging away, because when it goes right, it feels so damn awesome.


Sold at this, tbh.


Not had as much time as I would have liked to play stuff recently. In release deadline hell at the minute.

But when I do get a bit of time, it’s mostly been taken up by Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom.

It’s kind of like a Mario reskin of xCom. It does take a bit of getting used to seeing Mario and pals with guns, but it’s good fun.

My initial concern was that the game may get a bit samey, but I’m on the third world and there’s been plenty of variety and a good level of challenge to keep it interesting.

It’s also doing a very good job of whetting my appetitie for the soon to be released Mario Odyssey.

A Zelda & a Mario game in the same year. What a time to be alive.