Game week 6

Well I have been off the ball this Anerican football season, mainly sulking as the 9ers have been struggling with all the wholesale changes they made in the close season, but they finally managed to hold on for a win last night, even if they had to hold out to the last throw of the game.

Game of week 6 for me was the Panthers beating the Seahawks for their very first win over them. They came from behind to score 2 X 80 yard gain touchdowns and in very quick fashion. The Seahawks again fell apart defensively in the final quarter. It helps that I do not like the Seahawks!

Results for week 6

falcons 21 - 31 Saints

Bears 34 - 37 Lions

redskins 20 - 34 jets

chiefs 10 - 16 Vikings

Bengals 34 - 21 bills

Broncos 26 - 23 Browns

Dolphins 38 - 10 Titans

Texas 31 - 20 Jags

Panthers 27 - 23 Seahawks

Chargers 20 - 27 Packers

Ravens 20 - 25 49ers

Patriots 34 - 27 Colts

Giants v Eagles in the early hours of Tuesday, should be another close match up!

AFC East

Patriots 5-0

Jets 4-1

Bills 3-3

Dolphins 2-3

so same old Brady bunch topping things.

AFC North

Bengals 6-0

Steelers 4-2

Browns 2-4

Ravens 1-5

great to see the Bengals off to a stormer, but expect the steelers to be right on the coat tails in a few weeks, when the Bengals lose a couple.

AFC South

Colts 3-3

Texans 2-4

Titans 1-4

Jags 1-5

another very poor division which the Colts should top.

AFC West

Broncos 6-0

Raiders 2-3

Chargers 2-4

Chiefs 1-5

Same old, same old as the Broncos will walk this division.

NFC East

Giants 3-2

Cowboys 2-3

Eagles 2-3

Redskins 2-4

Giants match off at the Eagles tonight/Tuesday

this division and the NFC south are the most interesting for me this season. I can see this being a 3 horse race, which will hot up nicely with an Eagles win tonight.

NFC North

Packers 6-0

Vikings 3-2

Bears 2-4

Lions 1-5

a walk in the park for the Packers, with Rogers amazing fast right arm! They will be contenders again this season for the Super Bowl.

NFC South

Panthers 5-0 (surprise package for me)

Falcons 5-1

Buccaneers 2-3

Saints 2-4

Love seeing the Panthers up there and long may it continue, but I still expect a challenge from the Saints and pressure from the Falcons. So very early days.

NFC West

Cardinals 4-2

Rams 2-3

Seahawks 2-4

49ers 2-4

the only saving grace, for the 49ers is this is a very weak area/division this season. But even if they were to make it out, that would be it straight away and the sand goes for any of these teams as it stands.

Shooking division where I expect the Seahalks to sort out their 4th quarter mental block and top this division (unfortunately they are still a bloody excellent unit) Cardinals I think have enough for 2nd. If rookie Todd Gurley keeps performing he may see the Rams take 2nd, but think 3rd for them.

Now in true match of the day style watch me change my predications every week! Ha ha

Giants 7 - 27 Eagles, makes the NFC east very interesting

Eagles 3-3

Giants 3-3

Cowboys 2-3

Redskins 2-4