⚽ Game week 37 Other Games - 18th - 19th May 2021

Early start this week with the Championship Playoffs.

I’m assuming travelling fans want Brentford to come up.
Bed wetters will want Barnsley to take a relegation place
Nobody will want to go to Swansea so won’t care.
And everyone else will want Bompey for the lolz.


I’m quite looking forward to the bompey game, got the Becks Blue at the ready :+1::+1:

Brentford for me please. Very decent team, well run and managed.


They seem to deserve it over the season, don’t they. When there’s such a points gap the playoffs look just that little bit more unfair.

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IF we want their left back perhaps better they dont come up :nerd_face:

Bournemouth getting a solid foothold in this at the moment.

Good to see too that they haven’t forgotten their PL histrionics protocols. :+1::+1: Every time they get breathed on they’re going to ground like they’ve been shot.


Danjuma puts the Cherries ahead after a 4 on 3 Bournemouth break, Bournemouth have started the second half much the better…

1-0 to Bompey on the night, reverse fixture this Saturday at the Brentford Community Stadium.

Not a bad game. I’m backing Brentford to edge it on Saturday though.

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It’s the hope that kills you

Werner scores…no wait he was offside…

Man United 1-1 Fulham FT
Brighton 3-2 Man City L

Cancelo got sent off in the 10th minute BTW

And Werner scores again, given by goal line technology…but no, he handled the ball…

He would fit in well at Saints … fucking useless infront of goal. How on earth did he cost so much ? Not the best of buys !

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To be fair, he’s provided a good few assists. Just not much of a finisher himself, he’s like a German Che Adams :smile:


Someone posted some stats on twitter the other day and Che actually has better stats than him…in the Premier league at least…

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Oh well, if twitter says so… :expressionless::expressionless::unamused:

Shitehawks beat Citeh

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It was proper Opta stats

Mike Dean at the centre of a penalty debacle…aw fuck it, it’s what he does. Souness says a clear pen to Chelski but Dean awards a free kick to the offender, you couldn’t make it up.