:pl: ⚽ Game Day 31 - Other Games - 9th-12th April 2021

Thank fook I didnt have to do it this week. Especially as I’m not watching Fulham beat Wolves 1-0 in a stale draw…

Wolves had a perfectly good, quite comfortably onside goal ruled out for offside - VAR really is a total joke

Gotta think that’s Fulham gone. Wolves in horrid form & they still cant win.
And mentally losing in injury time.

Injury time winner for Wolves. Fulham in the do-do.
Like their left back Robinson. Saints should bag him.

They are still only 3 points behind Newcastle so I reckon its going to the last game of the season.

OMG. Pep picked Cancelo!
I win Pep Bingo FPL for a change

Leeds go ahead, superb goal from Dallas.

Leeds have gone and scored

…and now Cooper gets sent off for a bad tackle on Jesus. Bamford off, subbed for a defender.

Marriner and VAR trying to even it by sending off Cooper for leeds

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Yes, it seems harsh until you remember who’s playing, and who the refs work for.


Cooper gets a red and so Bamford only gets 1/2 a game for my FPL team.

Do you lose points for your defender Cancelo allowing the Leeds goal?

Just asking like.

No idea how it actually works but you lose bonus points for clean sheets etc.
Eg last week James played 90 mins earned zero points

Torres equalises for Citeh

Ooof city concede in injury time!

Dallas gets his second 1-2 leeds

Citeh lose at home to Leeds :joy:

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