:pl: ⚽ Game Day 26 - Other Games - 27th - 5th March 2021

Great start.
I drop Reece James for Cancelo.
Who is benched along with Sterling & Foden to ruin the double gameweek of just about everyone

Yeah and someone find the right emoji thingy things

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Hows that?

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so he’s Canceloed ?



Waiting for the 3rd Umpire review

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West ham giving citeh a decent game here.

And City go one up

good commentators curse @scotty :rofl: :rofl:

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It worked :grinning::grinning::smile::smile::+1:

…and backfires spectacularly. :unamused:

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…right, who’s next? :thinking:

…errm, Everton are looking terrific lately. Expecting a win for them on Monday. :+1:


West Ham equalise just before half time

The Saints Connection.

Well I suppose Stones made up for Cancelo being cancelled.

The most inept ref ever, Lee Mason, has totally fucked up. Blew his whistle. Brighton scored. Disallowed. Then gives goal. Then disallows it.

He should be sacked immediately.

The under 23s are 1-0 up against United. Don’t recognise too many names on the team sheets which is not surprising as most will probably be on the bench on Monday night.


Now 1-2!!!


Come on The Gills.

Contrived to give away 2 goals in two minutes to lose the game in the last ten minutes. It seems that the under 23’s have been learning from the 1st team!

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life could be worse.
We could be Brighton fans.
Lee Mason AND two missed penalties!

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