Funny lot the Jocks


The original argument was just a twitterstorm brewed up by a right wing twitter celebrity. It was clickbait, dog arrested for doing nazi salute.

I’ve been rewatching The Day Today. That sentence could have fallen straight out of the mouth of @tedmaul :lou_sunglasses:

Tedmaul would be proud of that one mate

Like an abbatoir in a power cut


I must say, when I first heard David Baddiel talking about the video saying he said “I wanted to see if I could get the dog to do the most un-cute thing ever” (or something along those lines), I assumed that was his defence in court! (which admittedly would sound quite flimsy) - but given that he says precisely that at the start of the video I think he should be given the benefit of the doubt there.

Anyway - goes to show - free speech in the country is being heavily fucked up. Vitally important we don’t allow a left-wing government near power until the whole SJW crusade goes out of fashion - once that’s done then hopefully we can get back to being an economically left-wing country just without the social justice bollocks.