Fulham FC V Southampton FC a BTripz Respite for the FA Cup

Fulham FC V Southampton FC a BTripz Respite for the FA Cup


Well it has to be started so why not me ?

a 0-2 win to Saints who respond in the manner expected of them from all fans, apart from Bazza Bin-dipper. Who still thinks we will lose.


We should use this game as an opportunity to practice passing the ball to Gabbiadini. Just a thought.


You’re going to get into trouble with @areloa-grandee , no attempts at humour in the thread title. Should have, at least, been a smutty reference to Cottaging in there.

We’re going to win 2-1 BTW.


Need to win this game and get some momentum going (plus I would quite like us to win the fucking cup), strongest team please MP and get some confidence back. 3-1 to Saints.


I’m non-confident. This feels like a game we will Lose.

Was actually bit surprised to learn the bookies have us as Favourites.


Well I thought of going the funny route but still think the M3 is the best way to London and that is not funny in any sense of the word,


Sorry Bearsy voted down for being a bit of a Bazza and he is betting on a Saints Relegation and a Scummer promotion


I agree It’s about time we all had some respite from BTripz.

That’s what you meant, right PS?


We should try to score more than one goal and let less than two goals in. To do this we need to attack. And remember to defend well.

Team talk done MP, you are welcome.


Well ok, but if the feel in my balls of a Saints lose turns out to be a prescient piece of football analysis, and not, as you suggest, a pessimistic piece of illogical self-hatred + trolling, I want that d-vote to be redacted, and you to give me £11 in cash


Hard cash or bitcoin?


I’m going for a Saints loss, MP sacking, and KD caretaker manager until we unveil Mark Hughes following his sacking from Stoke. What fun!


Since when have the skates been scummers? WTF is this site?


In Olden Days Portsmouth used to be referred to as Scum, and Skates only came in more recent with the prawn sandwich brigade & mavis rileys & barry sanchez’s.

Edit: It come up on saintsweb several times srs


I’m sure we used to sing a song where we address them as ‘Pompey scum’, I may be wrong i’m not a historian or anything. I also remember shouting ‘Scummer’ from the milton road end at any ex pompey players that were visiting that day, don’t think I was shouting it on my own, could have been the voices in my head I suppose.


:lou_facepalm_2: Boys, no comedy in thread title is bad omen… I am aghast PS…at least BTOpenzonaldefending makes an attempt… fair enough its a usually McIntyresque/Tarbuck country levels, but he tries. PhilistineSaint offers what? tut tut, you have been warned!


@areloa-grandee Southampton FC is the joke in the title have you not seen them play recently?


2/10 - bit Stan Boardman :lou_lol:


No they didn’t all rivals called each other scum but theirs stuck to ours from the 70’s due to a made up strike etc etc


yeah i know. I think your first 3 words should be “yes they did” though cos then it would make more Sense