🍻 🇵🇭 Fulham drinks

Ok thats the Arsenal game over.

Where are we meeting up for pre drinks for the Fulham game ?
Name of pub and directions please.
Nb I will be early at the pub as coming over on the Hythe Ferry.


And where is the stable?

Is that a pizza restuarnt not a pub?

But i can do the cider will be in town today sometime so will check it ouf

How the heck can you drink cider? It’s revolting

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pub with food really. Long bench tables so perfect for match days.

Because when you had to play darts or pool in a Badger beer house or a Devonish pub that and Guiness were the only things worth drinking.

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Pah, I spent my first drinking years in Blandford where all you could get was Badger ales, you haven’t lived my boy.

I will be wherever people find themselves. I might sneak out of work early as well.

I’m guessing, as you have to get back to Hythe that you won’t be having any post match bevvies??

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The Stable has mostly ciders but a couple of decent ales and a couple of good lagers too.

We still have taxis in Southampton ?

Mmmmmm. Cider…

Well yes, but I was more concerned about what time the last ferry to Hythe is?

The last train for me is 23:51!!

Cider no, scrumpy yes!!



We used to have to run to catch it after an evening game and i am not doing that these days
So will get taxi home

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So does that mean you will have beers after the match :man_shrugging:

Yes beers after match


Before and after venues then?

The Stable before.

Why don’t we go to the Platform Tavern after? It used to be quite decent? And it’s near the ferry for @PhilippineSaint

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