🖕 Fuck you Adam and the deserters

Missed a pen, lost a final. Bloody great :cool:


Not only did the ball roll under his foot when the ball was rolled slowly to him, his penalty was saved!

I loved it, I do have to say. Nearly as good as when he tried to fight toure and he got picked up one handed.


Didn’t see any of the match, but reading this has warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

Schadenfreude. Love it.


But he has lovely skin.

And Adam collided with Sturridge as the latter was going for a headed attempt, in the 2nd half of ET. Both missed it and City cleared.

Fucking love it!

It’s the kind of pure joy that comes with seeing a complete cunt who utterly stitched you up, get some well deserved payback.

Anything that leaves Adam Lallana feeling absolutely desolate, (and feeling partially responsible for that desolation) is a thing of great beauty.


Badge kissing cunt got everything he deserved.


I was at St Mary’s for that substitution. Was harsh.

But yes, Mr Lallana acted like a complete tosspot during a time when we should have all been celebrating the elevation of our squad members to national prominence. Signing Liverpool shirts in Miami while he was contracted to us. His self-indulgent full page spread in the Echo, itself a consequence of the club not having a good word to say about him. I don’t think we know the half of it.

Perhaps Flahute will be kind enough to help him find accommodation in Stoke.

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After all the indignation shown towards us at the way we booed NiveaBoy and Lolvren by Bodgers and The Anfield Plastics when they played against us, it was heart warming to see how those self righteous cocks treated one of their own who left in a similar way today :laughing:

Sterling got dogs abuse everytime he touched the ball, although to be fair some of it probably came from the citeh fans at the way he played, not exactly a 50 million bargain :smile:


I was so ahead of the game on this…

You were ahead of the game in terms of getting banned off Steveweb too.



I didn’t watch game, but as i was driving up to midlands this morning they said on radio that Liverpool missed 3 penalties, and i spent the rest of drive thinking pls, pls, pls. Pls let one of them be Adam.


The only way it could have been bettered was if the other two penalties had been missed by Clyne and Lovren, but this will do!

I was watching the game then I had to shoot off to pathology to drop a specimen off for testing (true story).

I laughed so much when listening to the pens on the radio that I nearly ended up in hospital myself.

Thought much the same as Ericofarabia as regards Sterling, never really rated him!

He has form

Pubescent fuck nozzle


And the headline band this year is punk outfit Adam and the Deserters.

Supported by singer songwriter Rosie Taxdodge and novelty act The Toby U-Turns.


There has to be a better Lallana themed punk band name than that

off the top of my head

Adam and the pointless Cruyf Turns

Captain Shitbeard

Uncontrollable badge rapist

Narcisistic Wankpot

The Gash

Blimey - look what that spells, subliminal stuff


I laughed.

Missed the game due to prior appointment with free food & booze (Golf Day) and got home just as the Pens started.

Mrs D_P laughed as well.

Scouse supporting youngest said some rude words. Then we laughed again.

He is still saying rude words. And asking who we think would take Lallana on loan in the summer.

I laughed

Did he cry?