Fuck me have we timed a week off in the South Coast or what?

When its like this why goes elsewhere? The South has always been beautiful but in this weather? Stunning, absolutely stunning, even just having a picnic is an absolute joy, been doing a brief tour and and in Sandy Balls at the moment, you honestly forget or take for granted how fantastic it is you really do.


Accounts been hacked


Yep, we are in an Airbnb near Cranbourne and it’s almost too hot. We met friends at Stubbington yesterday and spent the afternoon on Hill Head beach as we’ve brought the paddleboards down. It would have been the med. It was great. We’ve been cycling around Burley and Boulderwood this morning and it was fooking hot :hot_face:


I’ve had to take the dog out at 6.30 am otherwise it’s too hot for the little dear. Even getting home at 8 she’s whacked for the rest of the morning. Far too hot in the afternoon at her normal walking time.

It’s fucking roasting in Liverpool mate.

You’ve wasted your petrol :smiley:

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You off out on the town tonight for a sesh…

in Derby?

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Pissing down here all day…