Free Server Cabinet


I am trying to give away a server cabinet. It is black powder coated stainless steel with a glass door. It has a fan, and it has locks with keys. It is approximately 55 x 55 x 48cm deep.

It is perfectly useable, and I am bored of telling scrappies that they can’t have it as it is too good to be scrapped.

Collect as soon as you want at Shamrock Quay - message me for more info if required.

Mr. Capt. Tim


that’s very generous. I don’t need it myself but happy to take it and sell it on.




Been on gumtree, and brand new ones are available on ebay £55 inc. delivery, so not worth the hassle. Like selling a puppy, I just want to know it is going to a good home!


ah fuck that then, I withdraw my offer


My server is short and is pretty trim, but she will not fit in there, sorry.


I want to know what Server Cabinet has done and what the dodgy evidence was that was used to incriminate them!!


As a mod on here, I think I should stress that a server cabinet is for Life and just for Xmas.


You need to be decisive Bletch …For Life ? Just for Xmas ? You can’t have both, mod or no mod


Bletch and decisive are mutually exclusive words, especially in the “are you going to the match Bletch?” context!


Fuck you all.

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Yeah, but this lack of core makes him oddly movable. I had him drinking within 50 yards of the Flower Estates after the Swansea game.

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That’s true, papster.

And I was wearing that shirt

If I’d moved 51 yards south from that pub is have been torn limb from limb.

Especially if they’d seen my Gosport Borough FC tattoo.

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Rule 1 means something different in the other place, here it should mean 1.Don’t attempt to offer goods or services in an altuistic manner as the thread will dissolve, often within 1 post. I tried to help Barry with an internet problem once, lesson learned


Yet again this forum, the fountain of all knowledge, has thrown me a new word to add to my vocabulary … courtesy of Sussexsaint.

With a little help from google, I now know it’s meaning and the correct spelling :lou_wink:

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