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Sifting through an old family deeds box I rediscovered a legal bill of complaint from 1875. It involves a dispute between members of my family and company who bought out their business. Trying to find out if it went to court or settled out of court.
Anyone have experience of researching the legal archives?


But lawyers in the family so can ask them.
But theyre at Disney so ain’t gonna help.
If noone else can help ping me a reminder next week as I’ll forget after Vodka o’clock

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Try having a look here

Thanks for that Kev, it’s listed in The National Archives at Kew although it’s not viewable online as it hasn’t been digitised.
I know what it’s all about but don’t know the outcome and I’m not sure the result will be available if I go to view IRL. It involved quite a bit of money.

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Oh, can you imagine the interest on that if it wasn’t paid…'slowlane Towers could get that indoor swimming pool it’s always wanted.

Haha, can’t expect a brass farthing out of it. If any of the family were beneficiaries, they blew it all nearly 100 years ago.

I remember watching clarkson discover his ancestors owned the Kilner Jar empire in the Industrial Revolution

His reaction was similar “What happened to the money”

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I’m not a genealogist but I didn’t need to be…others in the family and outside it did all the work. I just like adding meat to the bones.

So do I, sadly. :frowning: