🏎 Forza

Just bought an xbox because of this game, its out of order until Monday! Ah well will just have to suffer until then, anyone playing it? Its supposed to be the best fun driving game ever, should be good tearing it up around blighty!

Haven’t got it, and probably won’t get it, basically because I’ve been playing games like it for years. That said, I think this eclipsed the Gran Turismo series a long time ago and is the top game of its type.

I trust you bought an XBox One X?

Nope, its not going on the big telly so I won’t see the benefit, I watched the reviews and this looks amazing though, I bought it for the novelty value of a driving game in Britain and gassing to the bloke in Currys it would appear I’m not alone, a true British driving game and you can do it in Del’s 3 wheeler!

You would have done.

Even at 1080p you’d have benefited from a much better frame rate.

I’d take it back and whack the extra ton down. The bloke at Currys did you up.

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Wasn’t there a news item on the BBC today about this?

I know nothing about gaming and am happy in my ignorance (apart from Lego Star Wars back in the day on the PS2) but seeing all Teenage Mutants games appear in UK landscapes will be interesting.

I hope there’ll be a trend of setting driving games in the early 1950’s.

High speed chases in black and white amid the bomb sites of good ol’ London town. Gaw’d blimey Guv’nor!!

Or amongst the 1970’s slums and tower blocks-

Games companies will be raking it in…

I got it for £250, 2 controllers, Fifa 19, Tekken 7, Forza 4 and Project Cars 2, I don’t think I was had off.