Forster withdraws from England squad

Forster withdraws from England squad


Hmm, interesting to see Forster has withdrawn from the England squad with a ‘slight injury’ according to our official site. Very vague, he seemed ok yesterday !!

Genuine injury or a pretend one, so he can have a bit of a break and regain his sharpness ? The latter I hope.

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  • Being part of the England squad is more embarrassing than cool nowadays
  • Club orders. He’s fatigued and needs a break so he’s faking
  • Heatons recent form has knocked him down the pecking order so why bother
  • He’s withdrawn because he’s injured

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Fraser is a man of principle. If he’s withdrawn it’s because he’s injured.


Ah, but it could be argued that being a man of principle, he would put his clubs interests first.


Sensible man


Back ache from picking the ball out of the back of the net?

Joking, but he doesn’t seem to have found his form this season, so maybe his carrying an injury. Our still relatively good goals against total is more due to VVD to be honest!!


Lets face it we will all be much happier if no saints were involved in the England Scotland game. Not only could it turn semi violent as the old games used to but to have one of our players in the team and actually lose it does not bear thinking about.


Had a minor niggle, was told he prob wasn’t going to be playing anyway, so withdrew from squad so he could happily sit and watch JWP lead out the U21s without worrying about rushing to join up with the squad the next day.