🏎 Formula 1 - 2023

Anyone know if there’s going to be another Netflix F1 series for the 2022 season. Pretty dull F1 year TBH.

Answered it myself: Season 5 is expected at the end of February.

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Emilia Romagna Grand Prix: Imola race called off because of major flooding -

The race is insignificant the flooding is horrific in that area

A fist pump from Phil and…

My Maths is ancient.
But not sure this works.

Qatar GP is 57 laps.
Due to technical issues, cars cannot do more than 18 laps on one set of tyres.
Sky & BBC all talk about a 3 stop strategy

18 +18 =36 +18 = 54???


I’m stupid
But everyone doing 4 stops by look of it

Doh! :crazy_face:

First 18 laps tyres already on car from start

Stop 1 lap 18

Stop 2 lap 36

stop 3 lap 54

no need for more stops unless on a four stop

(assumed new tyres for each stop, not scrubbed by 1 or 2 laps)

I’ve had a long week
I haven’t been able to drink Vodka all week as my body fights back from all the chemical imbalances of Rome.
And I’m a twat

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Martin Brundle having a grid walk from hell on Sky at the F1 Brazil
Some randomrapper challenged him to an air guitar play off & had no idea who Brundle was amongst others

Love it.
A carnage start & red flag.3 cars out trying to mend the


Its become a big thing moght have been worst interview ever

Why DOES Martin Brundle ‘wind up’ celebrities? The times Sky Sports host has rubbed famous faces up…

Fair play to F1, Netflix & the PGA (and of course Speherey McSpherson I am kind of the opinion I would like to wake up at 7am local time Sunday and watch the 1st Vegas F1
It has had teething problems but it could become a thing

It was worth getting up early to watch.
And now as it is 1C outside.
Back to bed