Football’s Darkest Secrets

Well that was a gut wrenching watch.

If you haven’t seen the first programme yet, the Paul Stewart interview is particularly emotional. It seems hard to believe that so many blind eyes were turned to sexual abuse back then in all walks of life.


Sounds very similar to stuff described in Hollywood, in the sense that there are people getting abused that have careers that depend on not revealing the abuse. The abusers have immense relative power.

I think at last this is all getting better understood. Abuse by people in authority.
The Catholic Church story is ongoing here.
Football & the tragic story in UK
Even this week shocking tales of exploitation in the Australian Parliament.

Let us hope people now listen and act

I thought that this subject would take off on the forums but it seems that people don’t want to talk about it so much. On one forum one poster asked why anyone would talk about “nonces”. Surely the point is that one of the reasons it went in for so long unchecked was precisely because no one wanted to talk about it? It is also about crime and victims and making sure this doesn’t get swept under the carpet again.

On the contrary, I haven’t watched it and I guess many others haven’t either so not a lot to add. Have only read the odd bit in the “papers” online.

Regardless, it’s shameful. People need to be prosecuted, full safeguarding of minors put in place and attitudes of society need to change.

There, does that cover it?

There is nothing to discuss.

This has brought the problem into the public domain. People are now aware. Now if you or anyone sees unusual behaviour it needs to be questioned.
It was horrific.
The delays were unacceptable
What else is there to say?

I wasn’t having a go, I was just making an observation. The forums usually have a lot to say on the subjects of the day (I am not just talking about here) especially if they involve football and even more so this club. I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet but apparently we were heavily involved.

Makes a change to see Saints get top billing on the telly…



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Did we fuck about with it at the back and waste good opportunities up front?


I’m sure there was some dribbling involved…