Football Podcasts

Football is back, meaning that the several-times-weekly phenomenon of people talking about football is back. I refer, of course, to football podcasts. When suitably furnished with time, I keep track of four.

Football Weekly

The Football Ramble

The Game (The Times)

Sunday Supplement

Football Weekly is probably my favourite, very closely followed by The Football Ramble. They’re the two that get listened to if I’m time-poor. The Game is alright, if a little too rigid. Sunday Supplement is the definitive version of the TV show of the same name. It’s still Neil Ashton and his mates talking bollocks, but you don’t have to actually look at them.

Small poll up there to vote for your personal favourites. Let me know of any others and we’ll get them added to the list.

  • The Game - The Times
  • Sunday Supplement
  • The Football Ramble
  • Football Weekly by Guardian

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