Football Manager 2018

Looks shit

May I ask what were you expecting a football management game to look like? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically…


With my recent house move, I found old copies of champ manager. I’m thinking of playing the 99/00 season again. The last version of FM I had was complicated and difficult that I was sacked from 3 clubs in my first season. I didn’t play it again.

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I’ve made this point before, but there’s no real sense of being at a football club.

I would like a football management game to look like the 92 stadiums, including car parks, so I can 'ang out me winda like 'arry and talk cobblers. Triffic.

I do not expect this from the Football Manager series, which is more about getting people to pay 30 notes for DLC every year.

If I buy this on the iPad, will I still be shit at it?


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Hey, MLG, fancy managing Engerland? Gotta be better than Southgit.

I’ll send in my CV if this post gets 40 upvotes

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Are there 40 functioning members on this forum

Depends on what you mean by functioning.

I’d say it’s closer to zero.

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As in functioning alcoholics?

I am with Bletch on this… last time I played football manager was in 1982 when its was so much simpler…

Image result for football manager 1982

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Spectrum 16k FTW :lou_lol:

Looks too complicated and therefore hasnt got a chance of overcoming my impatience and fleeting attention span.

This to me would be like the digital SLR camera that i bought and then took every photo on the auto setting cos I couldnt be arsed to read the manual


The game comes with watered down simplier version which is a lot quicker to play through a season and is less complicated.

Plus in the full game you can allocate a lot of the tasks to other members of staff in the responsibiliities screen. Training/contracts/friendlies etc etc you don’t have to do if you don’t want to.

I mocked your kind in the playground, colour clash boy.