Food poisoning

Food poisoning


never had it before, Jesus wept, it knocks the shit (literally) out of you, throwing up and water pouring our the backend. The smell akin to a medievil sewer and trying to look after children, woeful, awful and my arse is like a clowns pocket.


For fucks sake Barry, I’ve just snorted tea out of my nose … it was the image of a clowns pocket !


dodgy chinese?


For fucks sake, why did you mention the Chinese. Tin hats on …


The folks in t’Lakes are a weird lot Baz. Don’t like Outlanders. Probably shat in your dinner and teabagged your ale at the weekend.


They said he didn’t care about the club but it turns out Barry really does give a shit.


Actually yes, in Liverpool we have chippies that do the lot, I ordered coming back from football and went for the battered saveloy, never again, I’m coming round now, where is the water stored in you body?


Highly recommmend it, this is what makes the Lakes special.


I heard once that if you don’t refrigerate it properly, humble pie can make you shit like a goose.


I had it really bad once on a roadtrip to Italy, we had to stop every 20-30 miles for me to empty myself rather violently, locals must have thought a rabid yeti was on the loose with the noises and smells coming from the bushes.


Do gooses shit a large amount? Do they like humble pie?


For Mrs G’s birthday a few years ago we went to Marrakesh and on our last day I’d booked the pair of us into a spa to spoil her a bit. Unfortunately I had some dodgy rice the day before and spent the whole of her birthday puking until my throat burned and shitting until my arse was like a ragged windsock. She won’t forget that one in a hurry.



I love you Barry Sanchez.

Gooses† shit every 17 minutes.


*If only we had a word for multiple gooses.


Gooses don’t mind a bit of humble pie, it’s good for them, the ganders aren’t as enamoured but by proxy it’s good for them too.


They’ll eat what they’re fucking told to eat.


Imagine that liver in a Branstone Pickle jar Goat.


I think Goose-i works as a plural (come to think of it, it also works for Barry’s anal predicament !)


Sounds familiar…since when has @fatso lived in Scouseland?


They do say God works in mysterious ways… although this time I suspect Satan had more to do with it


It seems that the club isn’t turning to shit but Barry is. Karma! Or a dodgy korma?