Now I do not want to alert other clubs, but why does no one put an offer in for Fonte? If I was him I would be a little peed off and miffed.

He has seen offers come in for loveren, shaw, Clyne and now clubs sniffing around Toby. While Fonte played in a team with the 2nd best defence in the premier league and a full Portugal international, but no clubs in for him.

I should think age is the main prohibiting factor - by the time the season starts, he’ll be nearly 32. That probably gives him another, what… 2, 3 years tops at the highest level?

For the sort of transfer fee we’d be looking for (due to his worth to us) I don’t see that too many clubs would give the idea a second thought.

Apart from anything else - and as good as Jose undoubtedly is - there’s not many teams above us where he could oust the existing first team starters. Liverpool would be his best bet in that respect but surely the wrong move in so many other ways.

But 32 as a centre back he is in his prime, which has been showing on the pitch. He could well have 3/4 more seasons as our centre back.

If if he was early 20’s to mid 20’s he would be a risk surely as youngsters make mistakes. He has a proven record at this level. One of the highest levels.

Like Ant said, I don’t think there is anywhere in the Prem he could take a step up to. That would leave a foreign club, but frankly, I doubt that Fonte would accept a move anyway. He seems to have his bread well and truly buttered at Saints.