Now when I saw this I did think, surely not our own Pap, but I am sure another flare was thrown at yesterday’s home game, but I thought it came from the away section?

If a saints fan has done this again, then the club will be fined and the Itchen north closed.

I would expect this from the Northam yoof, but it seems the Itchen is heading the same way?


Initially I thought this was about 70’s Flares and should have gone in the do fat people need to pay more for there clothing thread as it is a waste of material.

Then it was about Stoke fans trying to get SMS closed down after they read we had already been warned about Flares the previous home game.

Smelt the flare and saw the smoke but didn’t see where it came from.

Either way it was the wrong week to start chucking pyrotechnics about.

You’d think that given the current sentiment about security at public events, the idea of bringing a pyrotechnic to a football game is not exactly the brightest.

You would also like to hope that it would be found at the ‘security’ checks outside the ground. The security check seems to consist of if you have a handbag you get searched!!

When I walked up Britannia Road at about 2.40 and there were two cars driving up and down between people in a closed road and no sign of police I assumed they were all at the stadium.

But in fact, other than one steward wandering about carrying a metal detector, that looked to me like less security than usual.

When I saw this headline I thought it was about the return of my favourite 70s fashion item. Imagine my disappointment when I found it was just about pyrotechnics! :slight_frown: