First anniversary awards

First anniversary awards


I’ve compiled a spreadsheet off all threads, noting number of views, comments, likes and downvotes. This has enabled me to see which thread have been the best and worst. I shall issue awards one day. If anyone wants to see the spreadsheet they can email me and send £5.


Cool. What’s your email address and where do you live?


You don’t need to know that. Just send the money.


Do your statistics reveal who amongst Sotonians has been called a “money grabbing bastard” the most number of times, you money grabbing bastard.


I think that’s Mr Trampoline isn’t it?


Down voted for beating me to it



Are you really going to walk down that path again?


It’s a friendly joke…kind of. Fingers crossed he’ll pass his assessment day and then he won’t be scratching around for food as he currently is…


what a shame that such a beautiful thread has taken such a nasty turn.

send £5 for results of best/worst thread awards.


I’ve put it in an envelope addressed to Fatso, The Larder, Porkington. Hope it reaches you ok. Looking forward to the spread sheets.


Yes, I feel so small having taken advantage of your charitable nature.

In the spirit of consiliation I’d like to point out my beautiful and very reasonably priced repro etchings of old Southampton are still available for instant despatch… Vestiges of Old Southampton


I will escrow you and when I get the spreadsheet you will get the £5.


Dear Fatso

Please send me the Excel Sheets.

I will pay direct by cash while paying my Bar Bill when I am back in December

Thx & Rgds

Dubai Phil


When has anybody from Dubai ever used cash ?

Even a bottle of water at the petrol station you use a card. Come on dont try and rip Fatso off after all his hard work he needs the spondulicks.


Thanks Fatso for my £5 prize, to be honest its not the money it’s more the recognition of my peers who voted me best poster of the year :smile: Thanks to you all xx


Congrats Ted! I was happy with second place and my prize of a date with PJ Harvey.


Hands off GB :laughing:


You do remember that a Bottle of Water costs MORE than an equivalent amount of Petrol down here don’t you?


Yes of Course, I was the original UAE Saint :lou_lol:

Do they still subsidise the petrol thought they were giving that up as a bad idea.


Fuck that…I still refuse to drink petrol! :lou_angry: