:lightsaber: FInd your Star Wars Name

To find your Star Wars name : You take the first 3 letters from your first name and the first 2 from your last name to make your first name . Then to make your last name you take the first 2 letters from your mother’s maiden name and then the first 3 of the city/town you were born in.

This gives my name as Robba Flglo…doesn’t scan very well, might need an apostrophe between the l and g in the second name

And, no, I’m not phising for personal information, although this could be a scam…

Any android you own is named after your PIN number

Fuck off, I’m Darth Paul.

Mine is 123456 then

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Surely you’re Paploo the ewok?



Gavda Pa’Sou

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Robho Hocan.

Petco Du’hyt

bloody android

Chr’pe Besou

Davfo Hohit

Hmmm, I think I’m Simgo Woedm…

Ah, so you’re like C3P0?

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Diaes Motor

Johmo Sisou…sounds more like a East African politician. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I like that. Sounds like you are the star player in Barcelona’s B team.


Who told you? …to be fair it was some time ago. :lou_lol:


Kevha Powin - shockingly bad.

If we’re riffing off my nickname I demand Emperor Papatine.

You’re in no position to demand anything, ewok scum!