Finally some sport


Finally some sport

well the remainder of the Ashes tour Australia are 160 - 3


Days play finished 244-3

Lets have some footballl this afternoon.


Extra l’s For luck.


Actually worth watching for once


Got them out for 327

England lose Stoneman for not a lot its 53- 1


Vince has got double figures :lou_surprised:


65- 1

Luckily I missed yesterdays football through being to drunk to see or operate an I-pad to connect to it.


Well vince didn’t get to twenty :lou_angry:


117- 2


And England end the day on 192/2, with Cook reaching his century off the prepenultimate ball of the day. Having bowled them out for 327 and taken the last five Aussie wickets for 13 runs), that’s very much England’s day. Yes, the Ashes are gone, but it would be nice to win at least one of the tests, preferably two.

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Cook not out 244 England lead by 164 runs 1 wicket remaining.

Not a bad day for English and Welsh cricket.