Films you want to see happen?

What films have been made that you’d love to see a follow up made?

I’ve wanted them to do a ‘Bad Boys 3’ for ages and after rumours for ages they’ve finally confirmed it’s going to happen.

(I think Will Smith has finally managed to clear a space in his busy schedule, whereas Martin Lawrence has been stood by his door ready to go for a while now).

Whilst not the most intelligent highbrow films, I really liked the first two, if you want a typical lads film - car chases, explosion & girls (with some humour thrown in for good measure), these never disappoint me.

What follow up films would you like to see?


Good thread idea, Spudders.

For me, I’ve been waiting for a follow-up to District 9 ever since I saw the prawnship pull away from Joburg. I love that movie; favourite sci-fi film of the last decade. It’s genuinely different, throwing elements like Nigerian gangsters, cat food and inter-species relations into the mix. Its greatness creeps up on you. It doesn’t really announce what kind of film it is until very late in the day. Darkly humorous, and the sequel could go anywhere.

“Three years”.

It has been six already. Stop dicking about with shite like Elysium and sort it out, Blomkamp!


There is also a long list of films that weren’t finished - or were but remain locked away. The one I want to see finished is Orson Welles’ The Other Side of the Wind. This was meant to be his (one of many) ‘comeback film’, and starred John Huston and Dennis Hopper.

There’s a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo, raising the funds to complete the movie:

A great question to pose, and I instantly pulled a couple of films out of the ether that I’d like to know where they went next (Miller’s Crossing, Taxi Driver…).

But then I realised that much of the reason these films still gnaw at me is because they stopped with much of the character arc untold. The responsibility for filling in the blanks was left to me and my imagination.

If they were continued, I’d probably lose the respect I had for the originals.

That said, I would like to see Lee Child’s Jack Reacher played by someone credibly big instead of a box-office dwarf. No offence, pap, but then you don’t go around attempting to portray the primeval menace of a 6’5" 250lb sociopath.

Hold on…

I read the first Jack Reacher novel, and am entirely in agreement. There are plenty of roles that Tom Cruise could justifiably inhabit without limiting the casting directors choices to other shortarses like himself. There have been six fucking films set in Middle Earth, replete with any number of half-men type races that Cruise could easily have played, but no, they get the likes of John Rhys Jones in, not a short man, and spend oodles of cash on tricky camera angles and shrinking people in post production. All because of Cruise and his inexplicable desire to be portrayed as tall.

Simon Pegg is laughing all the way to the bank. He can stand in Cruise’s films. Will nobody think of Stephen Merchant? He is perfect for geek type in Mission Impossible movies, yet would make Cruise look like an ant.

I know this isn’t even the same author, but on a similar You-Don’t-Know-Jack-About-Jack vein, can someone just sign a series of fucking decent actors up to do the Jack Ryan series, properly, and in chronological order. It’s a great literary arc that has been utterly fucking ruined on-screen.


Sorry to take your thread a little off-topic, Spudders, but I would like to have seen Idris Elba play Reacher.

A black Reacher would have been interesting, and whilst he’s ‘only’ about 6’3", he does menacingly dark and silent really well.

BTW, pap, the first book was a range-finder, with some excellent books in the middle of the series. It has now become a little hackneyed.

Rocky. I’m sure he’s got one more fight left in him :wink:


Recently though I think Drive. I’d love to see how that would develop.

Did you know that they are doing another film in that universe? Balboa is in it, but he will turn trainer to Apollo’s grandson. Creed.

id like to see a follow up to Forrest Gump.

Police academy…


Originally posted by @Sfcsim

Police academy…

I nearly added this into my original post, but decided to leave it and see who would be the person to mention it! Well done :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It must be up there with the most films? I do not even know what they are on now? They could have a final retirement one, or two, or three :wink:

I also want saw to carry on going. I believe there are rumours that there will be another one made. I love these films. The psychology behind them, screws with your mind, all about survival and how far you would go to stay alive… Or not as the case maybe!

Time bandits


Dr Who (the Peter Cushing films, not the tv series)

Goonies 2 is happening…



Also, Dredd deserved a sequel.

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Also would like to see Monty Python - Life of Brian 2. I would like to know how it all turns out after Brian’s inevitable death… :wink:

Goonies 2 is apparently happening.

I loved Time Bandits, btw. Especially the ending. His parents were dicks anyway.

EDIT: I see someone beat me to the Goonies 2 punch!

Thought Dredd offered a decent beginning, but was a little disappointed in how low-fi it all was. I’d like to see more Mega City spectacle. Apart from that, and possibly ripping off the Raid’s structure, it was very good. Definitely worthy of a sequel.

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